New York Times - Dec 27 2012

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Clues Answers
#26 of 26 ZEE
'Fie!' PSHAW
'Hell, yeah!' BOOYA
'It's clear to me ...' IREALIZE
'That's it for me' IMDONE
'The Dancing Years' composer Novello IVOR
'The Hurt Locker' setting IRAQ
'Wassup' HIYA
2001 French film nominated for five Academy Awards AMELIE
Aéroport d'___ ORLY
An emollient ALOE
Area of decades-long conflict SINAI
Balneotherapy locale SPA
Bit the bullet, say ATEIT
Chicken ___ POX
City west of Novosibirsk OMSK
Clark Bar company NECCO
College dept SCI
Course with no homework, say EASYA
Dedicated HARDCORE
Designer of the Tulip chair SAARINEN
Edit out DELE
French ___ KISS
Friend no more EXALLY
Heap TON
Hippie celebration BEIN
Hit Broadway musical with the song 'I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today' AVENUEQ
Hoi ___ POLLOI
How some balls are fielded ONAHOP
If not ELSE
Japanese drama NOH
Junior of the N.F.L SEAU
Latin abbr. meaning 'he speaks' LOQ
Clues Answers
Mail room sights BINS
Male name that spells another male name backward ARI
Oenophile's installation RACKS
Of two minds TORN
One of the folks POPS
One working on some panels INKER
Org. in 1997's 'Cop Land' NYPD
Output from an old printer WOODCUT
Personal ad abbr SWF
Professional runner POL
Quarters in Québec? ETES
Rapper behind the 2012 'Gangnam Style' YouTube sensation PSY
Rare goose NENE
Rear-___ ENDER
Represent, in sports PLAYFOR
Say 'hey,' say ASPIRATE
Shared with, as a story TOLDTO
Shoveler's target SNOW
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Ski shop supply WAX
Some board game equipment TOKENS
Stone Age artifact HANDAXE
Subject of four Sports Illustrated covers between 1966 and 1993 ASHE
Theodore Roosevelt was on one in 1909 SAFARI
Tito's surname BROZ
To love, to Livy AMARE
Tony winner after 5-Down SPAMALOT
Tool with a blade SQUEEGEE
Transportation Dept. agency FAA
U.S./Canadian sporting grp. since 1936 AHL
Was paralyzed with fear, say FROZE
What's in the stars KISMET
XC60, XC70 or XC90 VOLVO
___ Systems (computer networking company) CISCO