L.A. Times Daily - Dec 23 2012

Clues Answers
"Evidently" SOISEE
"Eww, more than I need to know!" TMI
"Fresh entertainment" mint TICTAC
"House" actor EPPS
"It __ to me ..." SEEMS
"It's the Hard-Knock Life" musical ANNIE
"Malcolm in the Middle" dad HAL
"Next week on ..." ad PROMO
"__ with my little eye ..." ISPY
"¿Cómo __ usted?" ESTA
*Acupuncturist's target PRESSUREPOINT
*British Sunday meal staple YORKSHIREPUDDING
*Cookies sent from home, say CAREPACKAGE
*Nonconformist, idiomatically SQUAREPEG
*Protected area NATUREPRESERVE
*Repair shop item SPAREPART
*Scenic souvenirs PICTUREPOSTCARDS
*Smokey Bear's bailiwick FIREPROTECTION
*Tense subject? FUTUREPERFECT
Abbey title DOM
Actress MacDowell ANDIE
Afternoon ora TRE
Agents "hiding" in the answers to starred clues REPS
Agreeably sharp-tasting PIQUANT
Apt to mope POUTY
Aptly named fruits UGLIS
Author Hoag TAMI
Bapt. or Meth PROT
Boot camp NCOs SGTS
Brings down TOPPLES
Browns quickly SEARS
Building addition WING
Caesar's land TERRA
Cal. pages MOS
Cereal box title CAPN
Certain club restriction NOMEN
Chuck TOSS
Classic pop favorite? NEHI
Cole Porter's "Well, Did You __?" EVAH
Composer of the "Beetlejuice" score ELFMAN
Cuddle, in a way SPOON
Delivered a sermon PREACHED
Didn't go along RESISTED
Diminutive PETITE
Earth Day mo APR
Egyptian Christians COPTS
Eight-legged team OXEN
Employ USE
Eschewed cooking ATEOUT
Et __ ALII
Faced head-on, as a challenge ROSETO
Fall guy GOAT
Fatty-acid esters OLEATES
Feast of Esther month ADAR
Fesses up to ADMITS
Flips (through) RIFFLES
Fruit discard RIND
Garfield's pal ODIE
Get rid of LOSE
Gives the sack AXES
Goosebump raiser SCARE
Guitar parts NECKS
HDTV feature, often LCD
I.M. with plans PEI
Intense passion ARDOR
It's blocked by sunblock UVRAY
It's often raw DATA
Last syllable ULTIMA
Legal right DROIT
Leprechaun's turf ERIN
Clues Answers
Like a McJob DEADEND
Little green man? GUMBY
Looks for a vein MINES
Love of Latin AMOR
MacGyver, so to speak JURYRIG
Mai __ TAI
Malt beverage ALE
Memorable tumbler JILL
Mention CITE
Mess (up) GUM
Michael's "Family Ties" role ALEX
Milk choice SKIM
Most miffed MADDEST
Nonkosher TREF
Number on le menu PRIX
NYPD ranks LTS
O'Brien predecessor and successor LENO
Old-style "once" ERST
Oldest of the gods, in Plato's "Symposium" EROS
On top of, to poets OER
One just starting NOVICE
One way or another SOMEHOW
Oscar-winning foreign language film based on a Fugard novel TSOTSI
Part of MS-DOS: Abbr SYS
Pea piercer TINE
Perfume oil ATTAR
Pierre's South Dakota? ETAT
Place for a pin LAPEL
Prefix with cab PEDI
Puerto __ RICO
Pulitzer-winning Cormac McCarthy novel THEROAD
Put into words PHRASE
Put one's foot in it ERRED
Rattletrap HEAP
Rhett's last words ADAMN
Rosemary, e.g HERB
Sack opener? KNAP
Señor's "some" UNAS
Seventh-inning ritual STRETCH
Shore flier ERNE
Singer LuPone PATTI
Slow roller on a baseball diamond? TARP
Sofa cushion concerns STAINS
Soft & __: Dial product DRI
Soprano Sumac YMA
Space __ CADET
Take exception DEMUR
Takeover engineer RAIDER
Target on the green CUP
Teacher's handout EXAM
Thing out on a limb FEEDER
Three-star mil. officer LTGEN
To be, to Balzac ETRE
To the point SUCCINCT
To-do list items DUTIES
Trendy fleece-lined boots UGGS
Typos and such SLIPS
Van Gogh masterpiece IRISES
Video game plumber MARIO
Voyage TRIP
Wednesday's mom, to Gomez TISH
Wheel with a knife nearby EDAM
Whines PULES
Yields to gravity SAGS
__ Alto PALO
__ de Cologne EAU