L.A. Times Daily - Dec 21 2012

Clues Answers
"All day soft. All day smooth" lotion KERI
"Dies __" IRAE
"Foucault's Pendulum" author ECO
"Out Here on My Own" musical FAME
"The doctor will be __ ten" INAT
"The River Murders" co-star LIOTTA
"Was __ I saw yesterday ...?" ITYOU
100 satang BAHT
Affects emotionally STIRS
Alien-seeking gp SETI
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Building managers SUPERS
Burger and fries, say ORDER
Cambodian cabbage? RIELS
Culture sites LABS
Danger conclusion? OUS
Deli supply RYES
Ease up ABATE
Farm job for Perry Mason? WILDGOOSECASE
Folklore fairy queen MAB
Fondle PET
Fort Knox transport? BARCART
French vineyard CRU
Give notice WARN
Gloucester's cape ANN
Grin scope EARTOEAR
Hope-Crosby road movie destination BALI
Insignificant woodpile? MINORCORD
It may be rolled over, briefly IRA
Jazz-loving surfer? ONLINECAT
Kabuki relative, and a hint to five puns in this puzzle NOH
Labels TAGS
Last name of three related baseball All-Stars ALOU
Lavish affection (on) DOTE
Legendary bridge expert Garozzo BENITO
Like clear winter air CRISP
Like many audits ONSITE
Clues Answers
Limited worker TEMP
Many a parent ADOPTER
Method for deciding FLIP
Morphed into BECAME
Most of its strains are harmless ECOLI
Negatives NOS
Nice quencher EAU
Noted dream-ending words FREEATLAST
Novi Sad citizen SERB
Old railway operator's hat KEPI
One-time Sinclair rival ESSO
Overthrow, often ERROR
Pestered without letup RODE
Pier gp ILA
Plant holders POTS
Pupil's place IRIS
Racers on a run BOBSLEDS
Recognition of achievement MEDAL
Red inside RARE
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g POPDUO
Simple life forms AMEBAS
Sings with gusto BELTSITOUT
Snack company with a triangular logo NABISCO
Soft rock TALC
Some are inalienable: Abbr RTS
Stromboli seller SBARRO
Submit shamelessly GROVEL
Supervisory serf, in Chaucer REEVE
Tree with yellow ribbons, in song OAK
USDA inspector, at times? PORKCOP
Varnish ingredient LAC
Walt Disney's father ELIAS
Wildlife protection area REFUGE
Words spoken before the Senate ETTU
Worshipper ADORER
Zion Church letters AME