Jonesin' - Dec 13 2012

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Clues Answers
'Born Free' lioness ELSA
'Can I let you ___ a little secret?' INON
'Hogan's Heroes' colonel KLINK
'Mary Poppins' song refrain CHIMCHIMCHEREE
'The Amazing ___' RACE
'The Devil and Daniel Webster' author BENET
'The Secret of ___ Inish' ROAN
'Time ___ the essence' ISOF
'U just got pwned' LOL
'You Be ___' (Run-D.M.C. hit) ILLIN
'___ a Letter to My Love' (1980 movie) ISENT
All riled up INALATHER
Alpine region of Austria TYROL
Angel dust PCP
Be pouty SULK
Big bucks MOOLA
Bog fuel PEAT
Breads for hummus PITAS
British pie contents EELS
Bust ___ (fire off rounds) ACAP
Check out the factory TOUR
Chicken, in a taqueria POLLO
City in a Pauly Shore movie title ENCINO
Cut into cubes DICED
Dance with a story HULA
Dick Tracy's love ___ Trueheart TESS
Documented KNOWN
Dreamworks ___ (movie studio) SKG
Dwarf planet that Neil deGrasse Tyson helped demote PLUTO
Earth Day subj ECOL
Female army enlistee, once WAC
Football coach Parseghian ARA
Gas or elec., e.g UTIL
Grim Reaper's collection SOULS
Influence CLOUT
Clues Answers
It shares a 45-mile border with Canada IDAHO
Judy Garland's real last name GUMM
LBJ daughter LUCI
Like some trees or teeth DECIDUOUS
Like soy sauce SALTY
Looks good on first inspection SEEMSOK
Lot dwellers AUTOS
Not dorky COOL
Number on a Banana Boat bottle SPF
Org. that gives out ratings MPAA
Party animal's secret FLASK
PepsiCo beverage introduced in 2001 AMPENERGYDRINK
Pirate's drink GROG
Pitching style OVERARM
Place for concerts VENUE
Praiseful poet ODIST
Return to keep kids safe TOYRECALL
Rival of LA NYC
School, in Quebec ECOLE
Sleepy cohort DOC
Students take them NOTES
Swinger's stand TEE
The world of Bond ESPIONAGE
They combat fatigue IRONPILLS
They may get inflated EGOS
To catch a thief NAB
Toastmasters preparation SPEECH
Trite answer to 'What's up?' (with 'the') SKY
TV chef Graham KERR
URL punctuation DOT
Used delaying tactics STONEWALLED
What Ali wore in a historic match against Liston WHITETRUNKS
Word before hog or rage ROAD
Word of surprise EGAD
___ Plus (shampoo) PERT
___ Schwarz FAO