- Dec 12 2012

Clues Answers
''It's a secret . . .'' FORYOUREYESONLY
''It's a secret . . .'' DONTTELLANYBODY
''It's a secret . . .'' BETWEENYOUANDME
''King of Rock and Roll'' ELVIS
''Law & Order'' evidence DNA
''Moby-Dick'' captain AHAB
''Star Wars'' series teacher YODA
''Sure, why not!'' LETS
''__ the season . . .'' TIS
Antlers HORNS
Ate in style DINED
Be lazy LOLL
Bit of sunshine BEAM
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Bowler's assignment LANE
Cantaloupe, e.g MELON
Caterer's gig EVENT
Check writers PAYERS
Chimps and gorillas APES
Choir voice ALTO
Corp. officers VPS
Decade fractions YEARS
Decelerate SLOW
Deliver a tirade RANT
Elemental bit ATOM
Feathered talker MYNAH
Fido's warning GRR
Fit for a king REGAL
Get well HEAL
Give the cold shoulder to SHUN
Goes bad ROTS
Goes bad SPOILS
Goes wrong ERRS
Grand Ole __ OPRY
Greek sandwiches GYROS
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Installed, as bricks LAID
Is bought SELLS
Clues Answers
Jogging gait TROT
Jury member PEER
Just fair SOSO
Karate move CHOP
Lasso ROPE
Lloyd Webber musical EVITA
Magic word PRESTO
Man from Mars ALIEN
Modern day Persian IRANI
Money in Mexico PESO
Money in Monaco EURO
Musical miscellany MEDLEY
Nearly colorless PALE
Of the kidneys RENAL
Place to swim in the city YMCA
Prescription, for short MED
Road reversal UTURN
Rock bottom NADIR
Rolling golf shot PUTT
Saudi, for example ARAB
Sir's counterpart MADAM
Skip the big wedding ELOPE
Smartphone downloads APPS
Some ex-caterpillars MOTHS
Speedometer letters MPH
Spine-tingling CREEPY
Stick around REMAIN
Story line PLOT
Successor of Claudius NERO
Transport freight HAUL
Triple-decker treat OREO
Trues up EVENS
Unalterable FIRM
Watches the kids SITS
Went by car DROVE
With competence ABLY
Yale who endowed Yale ELIHU
Yours and mine OURS
__ the lily (overdo it) GILD