USA Today - Dec 8 2012

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Clues Answers
"Carlito's Way" director Brian De ___ PALMA
"Dude, Where's My ___?" (Ashton Kutcher film) CAR
"How ___ I am . . ." DRY
"Psycho" setting MOTEL
"The Hairy ___" (Eugene O'Neill play) APE
"The Truman Show" director WEIR
Absinthe flavoring ANISE
Actor Stephen, of "The Crying Game" REA
Bigfoot's shoe size? EEE
Bound collection of maps ATLAS
Camel relative LLAMA
Carmaker's grp UAW
Come up again RECUR
Common street name MAIN
Connoisseurs EPICURES
Director Burton and football player Tebow TIMS
Don't ___, don't tell (former law) ASK
Drink made with rum MAITAI
Dye choice BRUNETTE
Extremely simple STARK
Finn's friend, in classic novels SAWYER
Former United competitor TWA
Garret ATTIC
Get the words wrong MISQUOTE
Groove RUT
Gum arabic ACACIA
Hat part BRIM
He killed Alexander in a duel AARON
Hearts, e.g ORGANS
Hope is here ARKANSAS
In addition ALSO
Italian restaurant option PASTA
King of Tyre, 10th century B.C HIRAM
Late Unification Church leader who visited the astronomy class? SUNMYUNGMOON
Make a mistake ERR
Make a noise in bed SNORE
Mideast's Gulf of ___ ADEN
Clues Answers
Mononymous "Life of Pi" star TABU
Movie shown in astronomy class? ASTARISBORN
Mr. T played a member of this ATEAM
Novelist Proulx or sharpshooter Oakley ANNIE
Oil-rich peninsula ARABIA
One of the Marx brothers ZEPPO
Otherwise ELSE
Ounce of liquor SHOT
Packs of cards, briefly DKS
Peevishness BILE
Pet's pet name KITTY
Place to post online, for short BBS
Play a part ACT
Prepare cheese for pizza GRATE
Proof-ending letters QED
Pull, as hair YANK
Putters' grp PGA
Right fielder Mel OTT
Romeo, for one WOOER
Rosary part BEAD
Sculpture that decorates the astronomy classroom? VENUSDEMILO
Short form for animal with long arms ORANG
Short-lived Mideast federation (Abbr.) UAR
Sir ___ Hillary, of mountain-climbing fame EDMUND
Snack to take to astronomy class? MARSCANDYBAR
Some Japanese-Americans NISEI
Some nails BRADS
Suffix for "east" or "west" ERN
Trunk of the human body TORSO
U-turn from SSW NNE
Unit of work ERG
Use a razor SHAVE
Vehicles powered by dogs or gravity SLEDS
Want-ad placer, perhaps HIRER
Wharton deg MBA
What X marks (with "the") SPOT
Zig's partner ZAG
___-de-France ILE