New York Times - Dec 7 2012

Clues Answers
'1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New)' rapper COOLIO
'Dancing Machine' dance THEROBOT
'Funny!' HAHA
'Hands off!' ALLMINE
'Horatio, thou art ___ as just a man ...': Hamlet EEN
'How about this ...?' WHATSAY
'I can't help it if you're a jerk' BELIKETHAT
'S.N.L.' comic Bill HADER
'Yippee!' HOTDOG
'You got the spot' AHH
2004 #1 hit for Fantasia IBELIEVE
Animal whose name comes from Nahuatl OCELOT
Bar mitzvah highlight HORA
Big Chinese import? YAO
Broth left after boiling greens, in the South POTLIKKER
Colore ufficiale of the Italian football team BLU
Crackers PSYCHO
Date on New Year's Day ONEONE
Doggone DANGED
Eager as heck RARIN
Field call MOO
First or last name in the Baseball Hall of Fame HOYT
Freely contestable UPFORGRABS
Get at IMPLY
Head of Québec TETE
Ion indicator PLUSSIGN
Khakilike TAN
Longtime sponsor of racing's #43 car STP
Many a Wall St. holding MBA
Clues Answers
Metal worker BALLPEEN
Mideast political dynasty name ASSAD
Miss in court? JANEDOE
Muscular-looking, in slang RIPPED
Ne plus ultra ACME
Nonproduct ad, for short PSA
One might mark a shopping cart's contents COOKIE
Pay out EXPEND
Phil of poker fame IVEY
Potter's supply CLAY
Put one over on PRANKED
Put one over on HOAX
Request to be excused MAYIGO
Requiring no effort to take ONAPLATTER
Routine part JOKE
Schooner part JIB
Sees red, say GETSUPSET
Senate majority leader before Reid FRIST
Short SHY
Sierra Nevada competitor SAMADAMS
Skirts DAMES
Some highway patrol equipment RADARS
Some Hollywood archives REELS
Something lame, in modern slang WEAKSAUCE
Sound trademark of 20th Century Fox DOH
Sprawl, say LIE
Springfield Elementary employee OTTO
Stylish sort FOP
Tournament part BRACKET
Tree that symbolizes immortality YEW
Union, e.g.: Abbr STN
Virginia Tech team HOKIES
Wendy's creator JMBARRIE
Went downhill fast SCHUSSED
What's generally spotted early on? CHICKENPOX