Universal - Dec 7 2012

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Clues Answers
"Take this" HERE
"That ___ a close one!" WAS
"___ the night before Christmas ..." TWAS
Abbr. on business cards TEL
Afternoon social TEA
All over again ANEW
Almond willows OSIERS
Arctic dog SAMOYED
Array of options MENU
Asian legumes URDS
Atomic number of hydrogen ONE
Attendance fig., often EST
Bachelor of ___ ARTS
Basketball game-ending sound HORN
Bills on birds NEBS
Bled in the wash RAN
Blowhole? NOSTRIL
Brothers-in-arms ALLIES
Cabbage variety KALE
Camembert's kin BRIE
Car wash cache RAGS
Change direction suddenly VEER
Colored, as Easter eggs DYED
Common cookie OREO
Complained bitterly RAILED
Drum major's gait STRUT
Efficiency improvers SHORTCUTS
Egg-shaped, e.g OVAL
Electric guitar must AMP
Fight verbally SPAR
First-year cadet PLEBE
Fix, at the vet's office SPAY
Further shorten, as a piece of wood RESAW
Get a bad situation under control STOPTHEBLEEDING
Go to extremes OVERDO
God of war ARES
Group bent on a coup CABAL
Hamburg's river ELBE
Clues Answers
Hangs heavy SAGS
Happy response to a marriage proposal YES
Has dates with SEES
Highlander with land LAIRD
Highly rated AONE
Historic stone ROSETTA
Indian police officer's club LATHI
Israel's Sharon ARIEL
Jazz or opera, e.g GENRE
Kind of saw or tire RADIAL
Mu ___ pork SHU
Mukluk wearers ESKIMOS
Ollie's sidekick STAN
One kind of therapy AROMA
Pessimistic expectation WORST
Powerful couple in publishing, once LUCES
Put in a hold STOW
Reproductive cells OVA
Salad type TUNA
Seeing through the deception of ONTO
Sherlock's undertaking CASE
Some workers' footwear securers BOOTLACES
Sports squad TEAM
Swashbuckler's weapon SWORD
Swing bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Tap the brakes SLOW
They're never "civil" WARS
Trig ratio SINE
TV network letters CBS
Twirls, as one's hair TWIRLS
Voiced approval, in a way AYED
What a surveyor finds AREA
With cunning (Var.) SLILY
Words of determination ONEWAYORANOTHER
___ d'oeuvres HORS
___ Lanka SRI
___ up (gets smart) WISES