The A.V Club - Nov 28 2012

Clues Answers
'Begin ___' (Taylor Swift song) AGAIN
'The Hunger Games' venue ARENA
'The Iceman ___' COMETH
'The Tale of the Rising Yeast'? BREADTIMESTORY
'___ kleine Nachtmusik' EINE
55-Down, to a 38-Across ESOS
A shooter might take it AIM
A speaker might make it SENSE
ABC chat show, with 'The' VIEW
Addams of 'The Addams Family' CHAS
Anonymous John DOE
Antidotes, say SERA
Apple product with a 'Genius' feature ITUNES
Appointee for Barack ELENA
Book of Mormon book ENOS
Brooklyn squad NETS
Bugs and such CRITTERS
Cacophonous AROAR
Catnip cousins OREGANOS
Check for a writer ADVANCE
Contact organ EYE
Curiosity org NASA
Decommissions, as radioactive material ENTOMBS
Degree for James Franco MFA
Equipment in a tour van AMP
For ___ (not gratis) AFEE
Game for it? TAG
Georgia, once: Abbr SSR
Get around EVADE
Grain in cereal OAT
Greedy kid's declaration MINE
Half a sitcom greeting NANU
Head of France? TETE
Health care, for one HOTISSUE
Honey Boo Boo wear SASH
How police lineup suspects stand INAROW
Irish tongue ERSE
Lash with a whip LARUE
Clues Answers
Like some fashionable junk RETRO
Mexican mister SENOR
Mexican newborn BEBE
Notably snarky magazine/media empire [The AV goes subscription only soon! Sign up at] VICE
Obeys the dental hygienist SAYSAH
Often-ironic text shorthand IMHO
One passing through ROAMER
One with bottled-up feelings? SOT
Panicked question from an absent-minded lawyer? WHERESTHEBRIEF
Parks with a historic seat ROSA
Plant in a garden ROSEBUSH
Portable plains house TEPEE
PTA member?: Abbr ASSN
Quinto played a younger version of his most famous role NIMOY
Rapper whose hologram appeared at Coachella TUPAC
Regatta entries YACHTS
Result of a swimsuit malfunction? BREASTINSHOW
Rocky start? GEO
Rush HIE
Screws up ERRS
See 37-Down FEST
See 65-Across THOSE
She, in Rome ESSA
Smoke break time, say TENAM
SoCal fortress security lapse? LAGUNABREACH
Space invaders, briefly ETS
Streisand, to friends BABS
Suffix with liquid or fabric ATOR
Suitable APT
Supply and demand, e.g VERBS
They may go head to head RAMS
Took the cake, say? ATE
Whopper producer LIAR
Wine container VAT
With 27-Down, brewery event, and an apt title for this puzzle BEER
___ nous ENTRE