Wall Street Journal - Nov 23 2012 - November 23, 2012 - Black Friday

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Clues Answers
'Behold, I was ___ in iniquity': Psalms SHAPEN
'Didn't I tell you?' SEE
'I'm onto your scheme!' OHO
'Jumpin' at the Woodside' composer BASIE
'Revolution' shower NBC
'Super juice' brand POM
'That's great' COOL
'The Grapes of Wrath' group OKIES
'___ a deal!' ITS
2007 Best Director Oscar winners COENS
A&P's original line TEAS
Accepted abuse without complaint ATEDIRT
Adventure novel set in a lost African city SHE
Alias indicator AKA
All the rage HOT
Attorney follower ATLAW
Bad temper SPLEEN
Badgers NAGS
Baked Alaska cover MERINGUE
Barrel measure BORE
Beats, but barely NIPS
Before, in ballads ERE
Best replacer STARR
Bobsled run surface ICE
Boston Garden legend ORR
Breathtaking features SPLENDORS
Broken, say TAME
Bunch of judges PANEL
Burnoose feature HOOD
Busy worker after a strike PINSETTER
Cab rider's place INBACK
Calcaneus HEELBONE
Calls for NEEDS
Cellphone's forerunner PAGER
Christmas or Easter: Abbr ISL
Chronology sections ERAS
City named for a Menominee chief OSHKOSH
Concession stand buys SODAS
Cousin of Dora the Explorer DIEGO
Cow's first stomach RUMEN
Cowpoke colleague PARD
Cry from a gull IBEENHAD
Denial from Dieter NEIN
Deposit in some banks ORE
Detrimental ILL
Electrolyte components IONS
Emily Dickinson's home AMHERST
Emulating ALA
Exchange SWAP
Exports from India MANGOS
F-14 fighter jet TOMCAT
Feathery accessory BOA
Fires CANS
Flowering plant also called miterwort BISHOPSCAP
Following ASPER
From Land's End, perhaps CORNISH
From that moment on SINCE
Full of energy AMPED
G.P.'s gp AMA
Gas, e.g PEDAL
Go bad ROT
Group that may be at your service CHOIR
He debuted in 'Amazing Fantasy' in 1962 SPIDERMAN
Hindu honorific SRI
His first film role was Goon in 'Rebel Without a Cause' DENNISHOPPER
Hustles SCAMS
Invented account TALE
It contains uracil, not thymine RNA
It might get you a wrap sheet TOGAPARTY
Item with a spiral-bound top STENOPAD
Clues Answers
Its cards include 30 clubs TOPPS
Its champion wins the Claret Jug BRITISHOPEN
Japanese age that began 100 years ago TAISHOPERIOD
Jorge's home CASA
Layered cut SHAG
Lead a lush life TOPE
Like autumn air CRISP
Like the word 'kiwi' MAORI
Lincoln's in-laws TODDS
Litter unit PUP
Longfellow's Evangeline and Gabriel, e.g ACADIANS
Lottery winner's choice CASHOPTION
Make more nutritious ENRICH
Maker of big bucks BRONC
Mean-spirited SNIDE
Mind-numbing TIRESOME
Minty cocktail GRASSHOPPER
Moccasin, for one SNAKE
Montana, from 1979 to 1992 NINER
Musical set in the 1930s ANNIE
Neckline cut VEE
Observe Black Friday (and a chunk of the eight longest answers) SHOP
One might look you in the eye OCULIST
Operation reminders SCARS
Opposite of hence AGO
Order follower NUN
P at the Parthenon RHO
Painter's estimate AREA
Peyton's younger brother ELI
Polo participant PONY
Prepares to switch BAITS
Presenters' props EASELS
Pretense SHAM
Private car? JEEP
Proudly proclaimed TRUMPETED
Quick swim DIP
Quinn of 'Elementary' AIDAN
Reduce PARE
Rosalind's cousin in 'As You Like It' CELIA
Sahara shortage SHADE
Salmon seasoning DILL
Salsa's cousin RUMBA
School computer lab staples IMACS
Semicircular shape CEE
Shelley's 'Ozymandias,' e.g SONNET
So-so span? OCTAVE
Some power producers DAMS
Sonar sound PING
Stand-up offering BIT
Stay a step ahead of ONEUP
Strips in a diner BACON
Studio sign ONAIR
Sudan's president al-Bashir OMAR
Sue Grafton's '___ for Lawless' LIS
They turn on the waterworks SPIGOTS
Tiny Wings and Fruit Ninja APPS
Took on HIRED
Twilight tune TAPS
Unconvincing, as an excuse PAPERTHIN
Union contracts? PRENUPS
Union jack? DUES
Unmistakable DECIDED
Watergate evidence TAPES
Weapon with a pin GRENADE
Where Spiro Agnew studied chemistry JOHNSHOPKINS
White Rabbit's cry IMLATE
Wild guess STAB
Writers Blyton and Bagnold ENIDS
___ many words INSO