Universal - Nov 22 2012

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Clues Answers
"Hear ye" OYEZ
"Maximus to Gloucester " poet Charles OLSON
"Who ___ to judge?" AMI
2012 Ben Affleck thriller ARGO
2016 Olympics host RIO
Apartment payment RENT
Arabian craft DHOW
Barbershop symbol POLE
Big-eyed birds OWLS
Blackjack's cousins CUDGELS
Blood carrier AORTA
Bounder ROUE
Bro's sib SIS
Chief in a burnoose EMIR
Chinese dog breed PEKINGESE
College marching org ROTC
Companion of rave RANT
Concede (with "up") FESS
Court hearings OYERS
DuPont's acrylic fiber ORLON
Emulate the Blob OOZE
Enormous bird of myth ROC
Fabled fast starter HARE
Gofer's task ERRAND
Groove cut into a board DADO
Gumshoe, for short TEC
Have ___ at (try) AGO
Horse-drawn vehicle DRAY
Impressive property ESTATE
Inflatable floatable RAFT
It teaches commerce BUSINESSCOLLEGE
It's a stretch LIMO
Legendary Himalayan humanoid YETI
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Little desktop graphic ICON
Many Punjabi gurus SIKHS
Clues Answers
Metric work unit ERG
Money hoarder MISER
NFL legend Graham OTTO
No longer in fashion PASSE
Not kosher TREF
Observe SEE
Pale lager PILSNER
Parchment? THIRST
Party staple DIP
Pay out SPEND
Polar explorer Admiral Richard BYRD
Postgame summary RECAP
Prehistoric ANCIENT
Put in alphabetical order SORT
Rain forest haze MIST
Research before buying PRICE
Rich soils LOAMS
Right-angle wing ELL
Service closer AMEN
Shoot the breeze GAB
Sister of Urania CLIO
Some leathers SUEDES
Sorrowful sound PLAINT
Sounds of disgust UGHS
Statesman of old Athens SOLON
Stranger than fiction? TRUE
Tempting smell AROMA
Theater box LOGE
They're picked up in bars TABS
Topic of many a New Year's resolution DIET
U.S.-Canada border lake ERIE
Valerie Harper role RHODA
Where officers may be trained MILITARYACADEMY
Where social graces are taught FINISHINGSCHOOL
Wide hallway in a building CONCOURSE
___ d'oeuvres (appetizers) HORS
___ up a good fight PUT