Universal - Nov 20 2012

Clues Answers
"It's a pity!" ALAS
"Mad Men" extra STENO
"Pardon ___ dust" (renovation sign) OUR
"The boy king" TUT
"The ___ Ranger" LONE
Acid in proteins AMINO
Anti-knock fuel ETHYL
Big name in tires GOODYEAR
Bill stamp DUE
Boast BRAG
Cheese choice GOUDA
Come into view again REAPPEAR
County abutting London ESSEX
Doesn't just want NEEDS
Emulates kangaroos HOPS
Extreme anger RAGE
Eyelashes CILIA
Famous San Antonio mission ALAMO
Fathers' garments ALBS
Feverish chill AGUE
First name in jazz legends ELLA
Fixes, as a carnival game RIGS
Garden of the Bible EDEN
Get ___ of (eliminate) RID
Gift wrapper's roll TAPE
Grasp HOLD
Group of three TRIO
Hanger material WIRE
Hardly too strict LAX
Highly rated AONE
Ho-ho-ho time YULE
Hollywood's Penn SEAN
Hoover, for one DAM
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
It has fragrant, tubular flowers HONEYSUCKLETREE
It's in the bog PEAT
It's often paired with cheese MACARONI
Jelly for germs AGAR
Kettle and Joad MAS
Clues Answers
Landscaper's covering MULCH
Lightly burn CHAR
Like some colonies or codes PENAL
Little bit of liquor NIP
Log home CABIN
Lollobrigida or Gershon GINA
Mexican mister SENOR
Mine access ADIT
No gentleman, he ROUE
Object of pagan worship IDOL
Out of ___ (not harmonizing) SYNC
Overturn, as a government TOPPLE
Parkinson's disease drug LDOPA
Pass out cards DEAL
Passenger vehicle SEDAN
Pastoral woodwind OBOE
Pirates rivals REDS
Place that makes sweet stuff? SUGARPLANTATION
Place to call home ABODE
Places for crow's-nests MASTS
Polish a Time piece? EDIT
Punch tools AWLS
Recital numbers SOLI
Sgt. Or Cpl NONCOM
Small salmon COHO
Street vendors, e.g PEDDLERS
Take action against SUE
Taro corm EDDO
Thing in grammar class NOUN
Upper hand EDGE
Witches HAGS
With whom Jacob contracted to marry Rachel LABAN
Without much fat LEAN
Word attached to "sack" KNAP
Word before "module" or "landscape" LUNAR
Word before "singer" or "guitar" LEAD
Worship ADORE
___ du Flambeau, Wis LAC