New York Times - Nov 17 2012

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Clues Answers
'How rude!' NOTNICE
'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman' star LASSER
'Tepper ___ Going Out' (Calvin Trillin novel) ISNT
'The Bartered Bride' composer SMETANA
2012 honor for '4000 Miles' OBIE
42-Across's creator BAUM
Adventurer Casanova GIACOMO
Agreed to take part OPTEDIN
Ancient double-deckers BIREMES
Birth year of King Philip I MLII
Born Blonde maker CLAIROL
Bullet-catching place?: Abbr STA
Bush cabinet member RICE
C.P.A.'s study TAXCODE
Case for a psychoanalyst IRRATIONALFEAR
Crude vessel TANKER
Crushes ROUTS
Dedication, e.g RITE
Extension of the law? LONGARM
Fast, graceful runner GAZELLE
Feature of 'pasta' and 'basta' RIMA
First bishop of Crete, traditionally STTITUS
Genesis origin? SEGA
Hamas rival FATAH
He supplied Lex Luthor with red kryptonite MISTERMXYZPTLK
Hill people POLS
How hordes advance ENMASSE
Jerry-built ILLMADE
Joined the fight HADATIT
King of verse COLE
Largest active volcano in Japan ASO
Clues Answers
Last entrance to close, maybe MAINGATE
Like many bullies ALLTALK
Like some professors EMERITA
Like the army that 'eagle warriors' fought in AZTEC
Make a connection RELATE
Many a bodybuilder's application FAKETAN
Mouth of a river OUTFALL
Nickelodeon's '___ Declassified School Survival Guide' NEDS
Not go on END
Not less than ALLOF
Not pummel GOEASYON
Old means of crowd control RIOTACT
Old one, in Oldenburg ALTE
Party hearty ROISTER
Pioneer of slapstick cinema SENNETT
Princess in 41-Across books OZMA
Query upon witnessing a hanging? ISITART
Send a different way? REFRACT
Side of a diner? MASHED
Sleep aid EYEMASK
Sling mud at ASPERSE
Stone unit CARAT
Storm producer, once GEO
Strike out, say EDIT
They're plumbed DEPTHS
Tiny carps NITS
Tragic mission APOLLOI
Was fleetingly brilliant GLINTED
Where to get loaded after loading BARCAR
Zouave headgear KEPI