L.A. Times Daily - Nov 17 2012

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Clues Answers
"Coffee, Tea __?": '60s bestseller ORME
"I'd have to __ to ..." SEEIT
"If __ Would Leave You" EVERI
"Saturday Night Live" specialties SENDUPS
"So that's your game!" OHO
"That's Not All Folks!" autobiographer MELBLANC
"The Clearing" actor Willem DAFOE
"Will & Grace" costar Messing DEBRA
"__ picture paints ..." IFA
1962-63 Polo Grounds team METS
1979 self-titled pop album DIONNE
65-Across actor BOGART
A hot one is hard to deal with POTATO
An ex of Mickey AVA
Bart and others STARRS
Being shot ONCAMERA
Benefit SAKE
BMI competitor ASCAP
Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, for one PROAM
Brownie bunch TROOP
Can't stomach HATES
Chicken dish with ham and cheese CORDONBLEU
Classified abbr EOE
Coin destination SLOT
Comic strip duck __ Fillmore MALLARD
Deadens DAMPS
Deep greens EMERALDS
Earring shape HOOP
Easy-cook item since 1954 TVDINNER
Fashion issue ELLE
Fine kettle of fish, so to speak MESS
French royal ROI
Fruit Loops mascot TOUCAN
Gather selectively CULL
Greek port CORINTH
Clues Answers
Gulf state capital BATONROUGE
Gymnasts' performances ROUTINES
Heavy genre FILMNOIR
High-tech business DOTCOM
Highfalutin LADIDA
If all goes well ATBEST
Is up to the task CAN
It may be on the house LIEN
Kevin's "Tin Cup" costar RENE
Land south of the Barents Sea EUROPE
Liquor purchase FIFTH
Loudness unit SONE
MAX rival SHO
Most homeowners DEBTORS
Nashville attraction OPRY
NHL's Bobby et al ORRS
Norway's largest city OSLO
One-hit wonders, e.g HASBEENS
Outboard motor jammer SEAWEED
Prefix meaning "bad" DYS
Prepares, as leftovers WARMS
Reasons for overtime TIES
Rolaids promise RELIEF
Runs through, in a way SPENDS
Seasonal laughs HOS
Seasonal tune NOEL
Singing syllable TRA
Some residents DOCTORS
Spanish explorer DESOTO
Star with attitude DIVA
Submergence SINKAGE
Super Bowl XXV champs GIANTS
Superficial OUTWARD
Wagering sites, briefly OTBS
Will Smith movie, initially MIB
Wire measure MIL
__-Cat SNO