L.A. Times Daily - Nov 10 2012

Clues Answers
"Cheers!" SKOAL
"The Memory of Trees" album maker ENYA
"You can count on me!" ILLBETHERE
1940s Time film critic James AGEE
1989 Best Original Song Oscar winner UNDERTHESEA
About ASTO
All fuss and feathers PRETENTIOUS
Antipastos, e.g ASSORTMENTS
Balance-reducing equipment, often ATM
Benign fiction WHITELIE
Berry of St. Louis CHUCK
Bouncer-turned-actor MRT
Bus stop DEPOT
Cause of screaming and fainting, perhaps TEENIDOL
City north of Cologne ESSEN
Consented SAIDOK
Credit-weighted no GPA
Cultivation wheels TRACTORS
Declaration of Independence writer? PEN
Equivocal reply YESANDNO
Exhibits HAS
Fair one MAIDEN
Fictional sleepwalker LADYMACBETH
Firing spots KILNS
Fly in a river LURE
Game show host Convy BERT
GRF succeeded him RMN
Hardware bit TNUT
Hawks' home: Abbr ATL
Head turner NECK
Holiday staple ROASTTURKEY
Home of the Kon-Tiki Museum OSLO
It may be marked TRAIL
Join the cast of ACTIN
Kerosene source SHALE
Clues Answers
Klondike bar relative ESKIMOPIE
Literary monogram TSE
Mass garb ALB
Noyes's "ghostly galleon" MOON
OPEC member UAE
Orch. section STR
Paint additive DRIER
Paint company with an ursine image in its logo BEHR
Political position STANCE
Presently ANON
Product with the slogan "Get What Fits." LEEJEANS
Progress at a faster rate FORGEAHEAD
Rescue team, briefly EMTS
Run in BUST
See 3-Down ATTACK
Seed used in cat grass OAT
Signs of neglect WEBS
Skiers' aids TBARS
Stable diet? HAY
Subject of a 1922 discovery TUT
Taboo word MUSTNT
They develop from unfertilized eggs DRONEBEES
Time to 6-Down DDAY
Tip holder JAR
Unfortunate LAMENTABLE
Volkswagen model EOS
Windows alternatives AISLESEATS
Winter warmer MITTEN
Worker, informally PROLE
__ Reader: alternative media anthology UTNE
__ shot FLU
__ tape DUCT