Wall Street Journal - Nov 9 2012 - November 9, 2012 - On the Flip Side

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Clues Answers
'A pox upon thee!' FIE
'Bossypants' author FEY
'Dagnabbit!' SHOOT
'Drop It Low' singer ___ Dean ESTER
'I guess that's ___' ANO
'On Golden Pond' playwright Thompson ERNEST
'The Dukes of Hazzard' spinoff ENOS
'The Man of a Thousand Faces' LONCHANEY
'Twilight' heroine BELLA
'Ungainly fowl' of verse RAVEN
'___ Gold' (1997 film) ULEES
1993 Sportsman of the Year SHULA
Acts dispirited MOPES
Admissions concern: Abbr GPA
Alito replaced her OCONNOR
American Red Cross founder BARTON
Annie Lennox hit 'No More I Love ___' YOUS
Application USE
Bait-and-switch, e.g RUSE
Bar perch STOOL
Baseball's Radcliffe and Williams TEDS
Battle sides FORCES
Bistro name word CHEZ
Bluecoats who get up early? DAWNYANKEES
Break Sleeping Beauty's curse? KISSANDWAKEUP
Bright blanket SERAPE
British breaks TEATIMES
Brothers who were part of the Stooges HOWARDS
Comice cousin BOSC
Comprehends SEES
Confesses AVOWS
Cornmeal cake PONE
Corp. division DEPT
County south of Galway Bay CLARE
Criminal group SYNDICATE
Crimson corundum RUBY
Cross a stream under an elm? WADEINTHESHADE
Dancer Charisse CYD
Dermabrasion target SCAR
Disturbed UPSET
Division d'une nation ETAT
Dominate, in sports lingo OWN
Driving alert FORE
Drops off WANES
Emmy winner Falco EDIE
Equivalent of ten sawbucks CNOTE
Expected any minute DUE
Explorer whose last name is Marquez DORA
Filthy digs STY
Fit to be tried SANE
Fleeting trace WISP
Forgiveness of a sort AMNESTY
Fox premiere of 2009 GLEE
Free from stress EASY
George Lucas's FX co ILM
Give the business to RIB
Golden calf, for one IDOL
Hall of Fame quarterback Graham OTTO
Harry's friend RON
Head holders NECKS
Inferior speakers BORES
IRA choices CDS
Jason of the Knicks KIDD
Juice suppliers POWERCORDS
King called 'the hammer of the Scots' EDWARDI
Last of the Time Lords DRWHO
Lengthy interval EON
Clues Answers
Lionel Tertis's instrument VIOLA
Liq. measures OZS
Lobby attachment? IST
Long of 'Big Momma's House' NIA
Mario of 'New Jack City' VANPEEBLES
Money for Amer. allies USAID
Most frilly, in a way LACIEST
Movie about the most gorgeous oboe? ABEAUTIFULWIND
Not straight ASKEW
Obtuse SLOW
Online investing site ETRADE
Org.'s kin ASSN
Ouija board word YES
Paddock pops SIRES
Pea coat, at times WASABI
Pick a party, say VOTE
Place in the city PIEDATERRE
Playground comeback ARETOO
Playground perchers in 'The Birds' CROWS
Pop singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Positive quality CHEERINESS
Potential homestead LOT
Probability class prop DIE
Put on a pedestal ESTEEMED
Put out ISSUE
Queen ___ War ANNES
Recessed space ALCOVE
Record collection FILE
Relishes SAVORS
Reply to 24-Down IAMNOT
Rolaids rival TUMS
Scrumptious TASTY
Secret competitor ARRID
Shortstop's stat ASSIST
Singer born in Kaka'ako DONHO
Sissy's Oscar-winning role LORETTA
Site of Chicago touchdowns OHARE
Sizable sum BUNDLE
Small denomination SECT
Some MIT grads ENGS
Spellbound RAPT
Starbucks size VENTI
Subject of Newton's first law INERTIA
Suffix akin to -kin ETTE
Syracuse setting SICILY
T.S. Eliot's Theatre Cat GUS
Tackle box item FLY
Takes steps ACTS
They may be threatening SKIES
Time coverage WEEK
Timeworn truism ADAGE
Tongue locale SHOE
Tools for moles? CLAWDIGGERS
Tyler of 'The Incredible Hulk' LIV
Underpinnings of Windows 1.0 MSDOS
Unloads VENTS
Urban railways ELS
Valuable extraction ORE
Voice-activated assistant SIRI
Wanted poster subject FELON
Was like a lark with laryngitis? LOSTONESWARBLES
Without a doubt INDEED
Work with a number OPUS
WWII intelligence org OSS
Yul's 'Solomon and Sheba' co-star GINA
___ fish (Passover staple) GEFILTE
___ mater ALMA
___ pro nobis ORA