Jonesin' - Nov 8 2012

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Clues Answers
'2 Broke Girls' network CBS
'Doonesbury' pot smoker ZONKER
'Get outta here!' SCRAM
'Mickey' singer Basil TONI
'The Daily Show' name JON
'Vertigo' singer BONO
3-down remedy ICEBAG
7-Eleven drink BIGGULP
Acne-fighting brand OXY
Actor Hakeem ___-Kazim of '24' KAE
Annette of 'The Kids Are All Right' BENING
Artificial, like body parts BIONIC
Barroom brawl souvenirs SHINERS
Basic sandwich BLT
Be civilly disobedient RIOT
Caucus state IOWA
Channel that reruns 'Family Feud' GSN
Chevy model AVEO
Civil War side UNION
Come up short OWE
Comedian Margaret CHO
Comment after the bell TIMESUP
Crater's edge RIM
DC player, for short NAT
Directional suffix ERN
Farm beasts OXEN
Feelings that something's not right QUALMS
Food associated with cable cars RICEARONI
Gaucho's rope RIATA
Gave prompts to CUED
Grand Ole ___ OPRY
Guitarist Scaggs BOZ
Guy who complains there are too many trees in the woods? FORESTGRUMP
He rode in the General Lee BODUKE
Honorific poem ODE
Idi with an evil history AMIN
Idiot who drove his car into two feet of mud? MORONSTUCK
In ___ (all together) UNISON
Injury helped by a 1-down SPRAIN
Clues Answers
It may be flipped LID
Karate move CHOP
Landing spot TARMAC
Letters on a sunscreen bottle SPF
Like days of yore OLDEN
Like many a Christmas sweater gift UNWORN
Like some garages, size-wise ONECAR
Ltd., in the states INC
Mensa members' stats IQS
Moon status PHASE
No, to Nijinsky NYET
Oil from orange blossoms NEROLI
One who's doomed GONER
Part of a line: Abbr SEG
Passages ___ (treatment facility frequented by celebrities) MALIBU
Payback without the payback IOU
Prime minister between Major and Brown BLAIR
Rack up ACCRUE
Rude person BOOR
Run-DMC's sneaker of choice ADIDAS
Sage voiced by Frank Oz YODA
Sierra Club founder MUIR
Singer Mitchell JONI
Skosh TAD
Slip up ERR
Solo's attempt at an orchard? THEHANGROVE
Supreme Court garb ROBE
Take first place WIN
Tel Aviv's country: abbr ISR
TLA texted by teens OMG
Trophy CUP
Tunnel effect created by blowing air through a line of empty-headed participants? EARWINDROW
Type of pricing BASEPOINT
Wilson of Heart ANN
Woke up after passing out CAMETO
Word in wedding notices NEE
___ avis RARA
___ buco OSSO
___ New Guinea PAPUA