New York Times - Nov 7 2012

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Clues Answers
1984 Olympic slalom champ Phil MAHRE
Acts the dilettante DABBLES
Archangel of the Apocrypha URIEL
Arctic explorer John RAE
Automaker with the slogan 'Born from jets' SAAB
Baum's good witch GLINDA
Bestow, to Burns GIE
Bris or baptism RITE
CAT scan alternative MRI
Charisse of 'Silk Stockings' CYD
Crunch targets ABS
Dam agcy TVA
Do lunch EAT
Early adders ABACI
Educ. supporter PTA
Elite military group NAVYSEALS
Far from klutzy ADROIT
Find a tenant for LET
Flavorings for some stews BAYLEAVES
Floating aimlessly ADRIFT
Follows persistently DOGS
For mature audiences, say RATEDR
Form letters? IRS
French place of learning ECOLE
Glacial ridges ESKERS
Hockey great Cam NEELY
Israel's first representative to the United Nations ABBAEBAN
Jeans measure INSEAM
Large combo NONET
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Like some compact discs ERASABLE
Like the Capitol DOMED
Luke, John and others: Abbr STS
Madison Ave. figure ADREP
Many a love song BALLAD
Methods WAYS
Nap in Nogales SIESTA
Clues Answers
Nonsensical syllables, maybe BABYTALK
Not yet filled: Abbr TBA
Object in court RES
On Soc. Sec., often RET
Out-and-out UTTER
Pal around (with) HANG
Part of a 23-Across ACE
Phaser setting STUN
Pistol, for one SIDEARM
Prior's superior ABBOT
Reason for a 10th inning TIE
Resort isle near Curaçao ARUBA
Revealing beachwear THONG
Reynolds who sang 'Tammy' DEBBIE
Sci-fi figures ETS
Season after printemps ETE
See 34-Down TAN
Sicilian smoker MTETNA
Signal approval NOD
Sinclair who wrote 'The Jungle' UPTON
Smarted STUNG
So-called 'albatross' ONUS
Some appliances GES
Some Caribbean percussion STEELDRUMS
Some recesses APSES
Something that may be rattled SABER
Something to sing ... or a hint to 17-, 23-, 31-, 40- and 45-Across's starts THEBLUES
Sport for high jumpers? SKYDIVING
Statute that protects journalists' sources SHIELDLAW
Superboy's sweetie LANA
They may be followed by trains BRIDES
Tickle the funny bone AMUSE
Unbeatable hand ROYALFLUSH
Wee hour TWO
Wee, to Burns SMA
Well-hidden fellow of children's books WALDO
Well-pitched ONKEY
With 56-Down, 'The Joy Luck Club' author AMY