USA Today - Nov 5 2012

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Clues Answers
"I Think I Love You" singers (with "The") PARTRIDGEFAMILY
"The Last Temptation of Christ" actress Bloom VERNA
"West Side Story" character ANITA
A Perón EVA
Adjustable desktop light GOOSENECKLAMP
Antlered deer HART
Aquarium cleaner, perhaps SNAIL
Automobile pioneer OLDS
Book size of 6 x 9 in OCTAVO
Bright, as a color LOUD
Brother of William, Daniel and Stephen ALEC
Brothers who sang "Rag Mop" AMES
Cambodian coins RIELS
Capital on the Baltic RIGA
Close securely SEAL
Competent ABLE
Contrite person RUER
Dandruff bit FLECK
Drug-related prefix NARCO
Eyelid swellings STYES
Garlic-crushing device PRESS
Genetic material DNA
Get ready to operate on PREP
Gladdens the heart ELATES
Go beyond a once-over OGLE
Grating, as a voice RASPY
Greenish-blue color CYAN
Hair salon gadget ROLLER
Hammer type SLEDGE
He comes a-courtin' BEAU
Hearing aids? EARS
Home to future ham STY
Hospital bed COT
Instrument with a double-reed mouthpiece OBOE
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Letters that are not at the post office EMAIL
Lit firecracker sound SSS
Masters of misinformation LIARS
Clues Answers
Matey's greeting AHOY
Medium medium TAROT
Mineo or Maglie SAL
Misfortunes ILLS
Mount of Exodus SINAI
Nabisco item OREO
Nile vipers ASPS
Nongeneric, as a drug BRANDNAME
Northern evergreen forest TAIGA
Not phony LEGIT
Often-critical innings NINTHS
Panache ELAN
Paper supplier STATIONER
Plume source EGRET
Pointed remark GIBE
Potok's "My Name is Asher ___" LEV
Psychic radiance AURA
Ran in the wash BLED
Ready and willing EAGER
Reddish horse ROAN
Sacro-___ ILIAC
Science fiction site MARS
Sir Michael of "The Dark Knight Rises" CAINE
Spill a secret BLAB
Subscription slip LAPSE
Summer Games event EPEE
Synagogue official RABBI
Takes a tumble, at times TRIPS
Targets for Tiger Woods HOLES
Tenerife, La Palma, etc CANARYISLANDS
Transmit SEND
Tyne or Timothy DALY
Unwelcome expression LEER
Wrap for a rani SARI
Zippo NIL
___ monster (venomous lizard) GILA