New York Times - Nov 5 2012

Clues Answers
'Alas!' AHME
'Bedazzled' actor Moore DUDLEY
'Get a load of ___!' THIS
'Law & Order,' e.g DRAMA
'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' subject, supposedly LSD
'More! More!' ENCORE
'Spider-Man' star Maguire TOBEY
'Stormy Weather' singer Horne LENA
'The Gift of the Magi' writer OHENRY
'There oughta be ___' ALAW
'Well, did you ___?!' EVER
'___ for the Misbegotten' (O'Neill play) AMOON
5-Across target ACHE
Actress Blake AMANDA
Ayn who wrote 'Atlas Shrugged' RAND
Befuddled LOST
Big Apple neighborhood SOHO
Bit of smoke WISP
Brad of 'Moneyball' PITT
Brings in, as money EARNS
Burgundy or Bordeaux WINE
Concordes, e.g., for short SSTS
Crime started with a match ARSON
Cut out, as coupons CLIP
Desensitize DEADEN
Dictation expert STENO
Embarrassing sound when one bends over RIP
Fastener that turns SCREW
Fishing line holder REEL
Flip-flop, e.g SANDAL
Freezer tray contents ICE
French friend AMI
Gas in commercial lights NEON
Give the heave-ho OUST
Golfer's goal PAR
Great Salt Lake site UTAH
Hawaiian tuna AHI
Hitchcock thriller set in California THEBIRDS
Clues Answers
Huey's fellow nephews DEWEYANDLOUIE
Humiliate SHAME
Ibuprofen brand ADVIL
In base eight OCTAL
In the know AWARE
Island next to Molokai MAUI
Jaguar or Impala CAR
Jedi's furry friend EWOK
Kernel SEED
Like a generic brand NONAME
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Make over completely REDO
Michelangelo or Rodin SCULPTOR
Moe's slapstick pals LARRYANDCURLY
More than a quiz EXAM
Path WAY
Poem whose title might start 'To a ...' ODE
Privy to INON
Québec article UNE
Relate, as a story TELL
Rome's ___ Fountain TREVI
Run ___ (drink on credit) ATAB
Secret stash CACHE
Shade in DARKEN
Snap's cereal mates CRACKLEANDPOP
Sound portion of a broadcast AUDIO
Tears apart RENDS
Threesome ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme TRIO
Tool with a rotating handle VISE
Toy you can do tricks with YOYO
U.S. 1's northern terminus MAINE
Unlikely prom king NERD
Wynken's fishing buddies BLYNKENANDNOD
Yodel's comeback ECHO
Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) HOO
Yvette's 'yes' OUI
Zoom up SOAR
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO