New York Times - Nov 2 2012

Clues Answers
'1st and 10' airer ESPN
'Not for me' IPASS
'Paint the Sky With Stars' singer ENYA
'This Boy's Life' author Wolff TOBIAS
'Written in the Stars' musical AIDA
1962 film starring Elvis Presley as a boxer KIDGALAHAD
1990s girl group member with a tongue piercing SCARYSPICE
44-Across shade AQUA
A ways away FAR
Apt to artifice SLY
Astrologer Dixon JEANE
Barrio kinsman TIO
Battle of good versus evil, e.g ENDLESSSTRUGGLE
Be extremely conspicuous SCREAMOUT
Bogus SHAM
Capital along Interstate 15 HELENA
Constellation animal URSA
Crush, say PUPPYLOVE
Doesn't merely snack SUPS
Drink brand with a polar bear mascot ICEE
Drive home BATIN
Either director of 2010's 'True Grit' COEN
Equipment for pentathletes EPEES
Eraser head? LONGE
Estes was his 1956 running mate ADLAI
Grp. organizing booster shots NASA
Hard punch SLUG
Have legs LAST
Heat source? MIAMI
High-culture work OPERA
Hungarian city that has hosted two World Puzzle Championships EGER
It forms a strong bond EPOXYRESIN
It's always increasing AGE
Korean liquor similar to sake SOJU
Land o' blarney ERIN
Clues Answers
Leather variety ELK
Lecture, say YAPAT
Like a bell CLEAR
Like many batters EGGY
Like some sweaters EXERCISING
Lumber PLOD
Model quality POISE
Neighbor of Lat LITH
No-goodnik RAT
Not make a mistake on something GETITRIGHT
Nudge alternative PSST
Once-faddish aerobics regimen TAEBO
Piranhas CARIBES
Place to get clean REHAB
R&D locales: Abbr INSTS
See 1-Across TIGER
See 61-Across INCH
See 65-Across THEBRIDGE
Something that's hardly fitting? SQUAREPEG
The 'you' in the lyric 'I'll see you in my dreams' IRENE
They're measured in 55-Downs SNOWFALLS
Tom of 'Tomorrow' SNYDER
Topic de Freud REVE
Toward the Atlantic, in Mexico ESTE
Turns sharply SLUES
Very insignificant TINY
Very short note LINE
Voiced admiration OOHED
Was like a bell RANG
Western phenomena SUNSETS
What's used for site-seeing? THEWEB
Whirl TRY
With 10-Across, 'Down, boy!' EASYTHERE
With 66-Across, like water that's behind you? UNDER
___ dixit IPSE
___ legs SEA