USA Today - Jan 9 2007

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Clues Answers
''As You Like It'' character CELIA
12th in a series of 26 ELL
366 days LEAPYEAR
5,280-foot landform? MILEISLAND
African republic UGANDA
At a good clip, poetically APACE
Auctioneer's warning GOING
Candidate for the brig AWOL
Capital of Italia ROMA
Cenozoic, for one ERA
Cheek application ROUGE
Despite the fact that, informally THO
Diary protector HASP
Dunkable cookie OREO
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Expense account listing TRAVEL
Express discontent REPINE
Fallen portals? DOORSDOWN
Father SIRE
Felt cap FEZ
First letter of the Hebrew alphabet ALEPH
First name in talk shows REGIS
Fit the sound to the action, e.g. SYNC
Fleet of warships ARMADA
Floral circles LEIS
Fourth largest of the Great Lakes ERIE
Grape type PINOT
Gray-barked trees BEECHES
Heights of perfection ACMES
Hobbit Baggins BILBO
Hosp. rooms ERS
Hotel feature, perhaps ATRIUM
Interlock KNIT
It's usually red or white WINE
Jasmine or morning glory, e.g. VINE
Keyboard key END
Kind of card TRUMP
Lofty nest AERIE
Mailed, e.g. SENT
Clues Answers
Modification CHANGE
Monetary unit introduced in 1999 EURO
Most merciful, e.g. KINDEST
New Jersey five NETS
Operating system before Windows DOS
Ordered BADE
Oregano or marjoram, e.g. HERB
Parisian poules? FRENCHHENS
Personal view IDEA
Piquance ZEST
Pirouette pivot points TOES
Pouring vessel EWER
Prepared for battle ARMED
Race type DRAG
Regret bitterly RUE
Respond to depleted stock REORDER
Ridicule RIB
Royal flush card TEN
School supply ERASER
Sightless pests? BLINDMICE
Slapping blows SWATS
Soaking vessel BATH
Some business letters INC
Speckled steed ROAN
Symbol of easiness PIE
Taken advantage of HAD
They hold tight VISES
Thicket COPSE
This might be in for the long haul SEMI
Tight turn HAIRPIN
Title many gain MRS
Took greedily HOGGED
Toothpaste-approving grp. ADA
Unearthly EERIE
Use a scythe, e.g. HEW
Walks with a pompous gait PRANCES
Wood pattern GRAIN
Word before and after ''-a-'' VIS