L.A. Times Daily - Oct 29 2012

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Clues Answers
"But then again ..." YET
"Date Night" actor Carell STEVE
"Holy moly!" EGADS
"Para __, oprima numero dos": customer service option ESPANOL
"Sex for Dummies" author, familiarly DRRUTH
"__ had it up to here!" IVE
"__War": Shatner novel TEK
Antipasto tidbits OLIVES
Arrow-shooting god EROS
At one's post ONDUTY
Beach house, maybe RENTAL
Belittle ABASE
Betting odds, e.g RATIO
Blink of an eye SEC
Bo's'n's "Hold it!" AVAST
Body shop quote: Abbr EST
Bon Appétit offering RECIPE
Bottom-line concern LOSS
BP merger partner AMOCO
Bring into balance EVENUP
Bringing up the rear LAST
Cannes crony AMI
Card worth a fortune? TAROT
Caribbean liquor RUM
Cheer for a diva BRAVA
Computer operator USER
Cowboy's footwear BOOT
Crystal ball consulter SEER
CSA general RELEE
Cut back PARE
Deer mom DOE
Deli meat PASTRAMI
Destroy, as documents SHRED
Do-or-die moment CRITICALPOINT
Drugstore name derived from the prescription symbol REXALL
Force back REPEL
Fort Worth sch TCU
Clues Answers
Fragrant compound ESTER
Game based on crazy eights UNO
Gemologist's weight CARAT
Genesis sibling ABEL
Golf pros regularly break it PAR
Heart, soul, or heart and soul ESSENCE
Hole for a shoelace EYELET
Infield protection TARP
Island in the Aegean IOS
Mail out SEND
Many USMA grads LTS
Midterms and finals TESTS
Miss Trueheart of "Dick Tracy" TESS
Mountain retreat CABIN
Nobel Peace Prize city OSLO
Offbeat ODD
Opposed (to) AVERSE
Painter's deg BFA
Palm smartphone TREO
Pieces on a board MEN
Prefix with second NANO
Prez before Jack IKE
Repaired, as a shoe SOLED
Rocky, for one BOXER
Rooftop rotator VANE
Seethed FUMED
Single-celled critter AMEBA
Squid relatives OCTOPI
Stockpile AMASS
The Fishes of the zodiac PISCES
Trinity member SON
Uncertain response IMAY
Underground Railroad traveler SLAVE
Wall-mounted candleholder SCONCE
When the Brontës wrote VICTORIANPERIOD
Wide-screen technique introduced in the '50s CINERAMA