- Oct 24 2012

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Clues Answers
''Garfield'' guy JON
''Law & Order: SVU'' actor ICET
601, to Caesar DCI
Absolute rulers EMPERORS
Aleve alternative VICKS
And more: Abbr ETC
Antique piano key material IVORY
Auction condition ASIS
Balkan land KOSOVO
Ballroom dance MAMBO
Big to-do HOOPLA
Bill riders, for example ADDENDA
Break in the action LULL
Brewer's ingredient MALT
Carell of ''The Office'' STEVE
College staffers, for short PROFS
Compete VIE
Computer storage device THUMBDRIVE
Conceits EGOS
Danger PERIL
Defeat soundly THRASH
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Does nothing IDLES
Dog registry org AKC
Draw forth ELICIT
Elliptical OVAL
Emulate the Cheshire Cat GRIN
Experience again RELIVE
Fine rains MISTS
Forest female DOE
Get serious about working KNUCKLEDOWN
GPS calculation RTE
Gratified GLAD
In a steamed state IRATE
Insurance filings CLAIMS
Jelly holder JAR
Just like ALA
Clues Answers
Keeps HAS
Kind of camera: Abbr SLR
Literary twist IRONY
Make fun of TWIT
North Korean leader KIM
Not shy about speaking VOCAL
Oil price setter OPEC
One of a couple MRS
Orangutan, for one APE
Pants specification LONG
Pixie ELF
Place to get permed SALON
Polite term of address MAAM
Prefix meaning ''bad'' DYS
Prepare for battle ARM
Quiet-mouse connector ASA
Racing car HOTROD
Ran afoul of ANGERED
Red-carpet walkers VIPS
Roadway pavement warning SLO
Running gait TROT
Sharp-smelling ACRID
Sherbet selection ORANGE
Slow tempo ADAGIO
Southern California resort PALMSPRINGS
Stopped CEASED
Stops ENDS
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Taco topping SALSA
Tehran resident IRANI
The roster's best ATEAM
Toastmasters MCS
Tonic partner GIN
Truly immense COLOSSAL
Turns bad ROTS
Typical hors d'oeuvres FINGERFOOD
Verdi opera AIDA
Wipe clean ERASE