New York Times - Oct 19 2012

Clues Answers
'Conan' airer TBS
'Foul Play' actress HAWN
'I don't mind' SURE
1997 title role for Depp BRASCO
Balanced SANE
Bygone computer brand AMIGA
Dash part TACH
Day breaks NAPS
Deals with baseball players TRADES
Director of the 'Evil Dead' trilogy SAMRAIMI
Doesn't tread lightly STOMPS
Elevator ___ CAR
First battery brand to feature an indefatigable pink bunny in its ads DURACELL
For one APIECE
Former attorney general in the Iraq Study Group EDWINMEESE
Gas station name HESS
Good Samaritan types SAINTS
He went down in the Valley of Elah GOLIATH
High tea goody TART
Hill with a 'slip face' DUNE
Ideologies ISMS
Indiana city nicknamed 'Middletown, U.S.A.' MUNCIE
Irascible TESTY
Italian automaker LANCIA
Keeps from going too far TETHERS
Legal document WRIT
Like books in two volumes LONG
Like the color gray NEUTRAL
More verdant LUSHER
Nothing at all NIL
Obstacle for an aspiring D.A LSAT
Clues Answers
Old English spa town EPSOM
Old Mercury model SABLE
One hanging around the nursery MOBILE
Patriarch who died at age 950 NOAH
Period bookended by extinction events TRIASSIC
Personal letters INITIALS
Phoebe's portrayer on 'Friends' LISA
Ponders the possibilities of BATSAROUND
Practically guaranteed to offend INBADTASTE
Predator that suffocates its prey BOA
Pulls off DOES
Purple territory on some maps SWINGSTATE
Quiet demanders LIBRARIANS
Radiate EMIT
Rested SAT
Second Punic War general SCIPIO
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Sharp-looking footwear STILETTOHEELS
Shooter's pair DICE
Some traveling performers BARNSTORMERS
Soup tidbit WONTON
Springfield bar MOES
Talked trash? BABBLED
Territory returned to France by the Treaty of Versailles ALSACE
They're wrinkled and cracked WALNUTSHELLS
Tighten, possibly EDIT
Tom Jones hit written by Paul Anka SHESALADY
Turkey Day utensils BASTERS
Upscale kitchen feature ISLAND
What decrepit windshield wipers do SMEAR
Worldly path? ORBIT
___ Room (largest room in the White House) EAST