New York Times - May 27 1998

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Clues Answers
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Lovely' Beatles girl RITA
'Much Ado About Nothing' friar FRANCIS
'Pénélope' composer FAURE
'She Done ___ Wrong' HIM
'The Dating Game' contestant BACHELOR
'___ Man Answers' (1962 film) IFA
'___ silly question...' ASKA
1-Down doubled ALL
4, on a phone GHI
49-Across's last words IDO
80's sitcom with the voice of Paul Fusco ALF
Arcing shots LOBS
Article in France-Soir UNE
Bee or Em AUNT
Beer brewed in Bremen STPAULIGIRL
Bowling green LAWN
Breakfast area NOOK
Burner designer BUNSEN
Cannon of 'Deathtrap' DYAN
Cause to grimace PAIN
Classic Icelandic poetry EDDA
Clinton, e.g., before being Pres. GOV
Commotions ADOS
Disappointing date, maybe NERD
Feudal lord LIEGE
First name in jeans LEVI
French and Indian War battle site LAKEGEORGE
Gallivant GAD
Grand Canyon view PANORAMA
Hemingway's handle PAPA
Igneous rock constituent FELDSPAR
It's 0 deg. at the equator LAT
Kind of lamp LAVA
Kind of metabolism BASAL
Lofty roost AERIE
Mentalist Geller URI
Mountain dew producer STILL
Mouth moistener SALIVA
Clues Answers
Neighbor of Oman YEMEN
Newfoundland's capital SAINTJOHNS
Nuclei CORES
On ___ with (equal to) APAR
Opened, as a door UNBOLTED
Pelee Island's lake ERIE
Problem in the defense lines HOLE
Pueblo material ADOBE
Qualifying race HEAT
Quartet hidden in this puzzle FABFOUR
Recognize KNOW
Refusals NOS
Regional plants FLORA
Say with annoyance SNAP
Shells and such AMMO
Shinny CLIMB
Soccer segment HALF
Spring LEAP
St. Patrick's Day phrase ERINGOBRAGH
Standard partner POORS
Standing by ONICE
Story starter ONCE
Tat-tat preceder RATA
Telephone abbr. OPER
Texas shrine ALAMO
Theories ISMS
They may be herbal TEAS
Tick off IRK
Under sanction LEGALLY
Vermont product SYRUP
Vile smile SNEER
Water source MAIN
Wet blanket KILLJOY
Where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Wild asses ONAGERS
With competence ABLY
___ cum laude MAGNA
___ mind (in agreement) OFONE