New York Times - Oct 14 2012

Clues Answers
#2: Abbr ASST
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Have you ___ good?' BEEN
'Nashville' director ALTMAN
'Our Town' opera composer NEDROREM
'Pulp Fiction' weapon UZI
'The Gates' artist CHRISTO
'Uh-uh, laddie' NAE
'Whatever' MEH
'___ Evil' (Mia Farrow film) SEENO
'___ Gold' ULEES
'___ roll!' (bettor's cry) IMONA
1937 hit with the lyric 'You're like the fragrance of blossoms fair' SORARE
2010 movie with a plot to steal the moon DESPICABLEME
A little off AMISS
African region including Khartoum and Timbuktu SAHEL
Against one's will NOTBYCHOICE
Alka-Seltzer ad character SPEEDY
Asian gold bar measure TAEL
Benaderet of 'The Beverly Hillbillies' BEA
Bit of science ATOM
Blue eyes and blond hair TRAITS
Blue Triangle grps YWCAS
Boating hazards WHIRLPOOLS
Bread dispensers ATMS
British pens GAOLS
Brown ink SEPIA
Buzzer BEE
Buzzes WHIRS
Cabinet dept. since 1889 AGR
Cassette player TAPEDECK
Central Sicilian province ENNA
Chilled ONICE
Chronicle ANNAL
Cinnabar, e.g ORE
Comic strip with the characters Rat and Pig PEARLSBEFORESWINE
Common belief TENET
Competent ABLE
Complete, in informal writing THORO
Departure from the norm ABERRANCE
Didn't come right out and say HINTED
Dodger Hershiser OREL
Dog with 'rough' and 'smooth' breeds COLLIE
Egypt's Sadat ANWAR
Enters hurriedly RUSHESIN
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Farm fowl HENS
Farm wagon WAIN
Forest, in Germany WALD
Frist's successor as Senate majority leader REID
Full of the latest NEWSY
Game with Wild Draw 4 cards UNO
General headquarters? BASE
Glassmaking material FRIT
Hanger-on LEECH
Hindu title of respect BABU
Home of the oldest school in Sweden, founded in 1085 LUND
Ikea store, to some MAZE
Island west of Maui LANAI
It might extend above a side door ROOFLET
Italian ladies DONNAS
Itty-bitty breath mint TICTAC
Lapful, maybe HOUSECAT
Like some coincidences EERIE
Clues Answers
Lioness's lack MANE
Lottery winner's feeling GLEE
Low-battery signal BEEP
Low-rent district GHETTO
Men's suit specification TALL
Mideast strongman ASSAD
More likely to crash? SLEEPIER
Not burn completely CHAR
Not well POORLY
Old Brit. coins SOVS
Old-fashioned boiler input COALS
Omani or Yemeni ARABIAN
On the ground, in ballet ATERRE
Only a day away, say NEAR
Or follower ELSE
Outta here GONE
Palm products OILS
Percussionist's setup HIHAT
Pet that doesn't need much brushing, say SHORTHAIR
Pharmaceutical giant that makes Boniva ROCHE
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Pine-___ SOL
Prefix with comedy SERIO
Presidential middle name or last name WILSON
Recipe unit TABLESPOON
Relative of a crown ONLAY
Repeated phrase in 'Hot Hot Hot' OLEOLE
River through Orsk URAL
Round in Britain, maybe ALES
Salon worker COLORIST
Slow leak DRIP
Soap discontinued in 2011 ALLMYCHILDREN
Some baby sitters NANAS
Some classwork NOTES
Some up-and-comers TEENS
Something with a Blue Book value USEDCAR
Son in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' ARI
Southwest terminal? ERN
Speakeasy's distilling locale BATHTUB
Special attention TENDERLOVINGCARE
Split in a hurry BOLT
Stock: Abbr MDSE
Stoller's partner in songwriting LEIBER
T. S. Eliot's middle name STEARNS
Take off again, as pounds RELOSE
Takes baby steps MINCES
Tantrum, colloquially HISSY
Ted who wrote 'The Kennedy Legacy' SORENSEN
Teetotaler's amount NONE
Tex. neighbor OKLA
The youngest Jetson ELROY
Three-time All-Star pitcher Frank LARY
Top of a ladder, maybe ATTIC
Vasco da Gama's departure point LISBON
Volume of the world ATLAS
What a pusher may push in a park STROLLER
What dead men are said to do TELLNOTALES
Windy City commuters' inits CTA
With 'The,' former sketch comedy program on CBS ... fittingly enough CAROLBURNETTSHOW
Word with Army or ant RED
Yoga posture ASANA
You may go under it at a hotel FALSENAME