L.A. Times Daily - Oct 14 2012

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Clues Answers
"Inferno" author DANTE
"Jes' think ..." SPOSE
"Pants on fire" person LIAR
"__ there ..." BEEN
1960s-'70s first family NIXONS
911 call follow-up, perhaps APB
Acoustical foam pattern EGGCRATE
Actress Vardalos NIA
African antelope's haven? GNUREPUBLIC
Aimée of "La Dolce Vita" ANOUK
Airport security concern LIQUIDS
Alias indicator AKA
Alligator __ PEAR
Amendments 1-10 subj RTS
Amp controls DIALS
Angus cut RIBEYE
App-using device PHONE
Appreciative responses AHS
Approve SAYYES
At an earlier time SOONER
Authoritative source BIBLE
Avian runner EMU
Bad fire ARSON
Baseball commissioner who helped establish interleague play SELIG
Bellyacher's bailiwick? WHINEREGION
Berliner's cont EUR
Big name in kitchen appliances SILEX
Bilbo's heir FRODO
Birder's Andean mecca QUITO
Birthday work for mom LABOR
Britten's "Billy Budd," e.g OPERA
Bug, perhaps MALADY
Bussing needs LIPS
Cardinal's resting place TREE
Casting site STREAM
Celebrity chef's turf? EMERILCITY
Centers NUCLEI
Classic laundry soap RINSO
Clever stroke COUP
Coffee flavoring MOCHA
Come to pass BEFALL
Command to a soldier ABOUTFACE
Controversial flavor enhancer MSG
Cool cat's "Understood" IMHIP
Creamy dessert MOUSSE
Cry of frustration AARGH
Cup sought every two years RYDER
Destroy over time ERODE
Dominated OWNED
Down SAD
Dullsville DRAGGY
Dullsville BLAH
Dumbwaiter enclosure SHAFT
Elliott the Dragon's friend PETE
Eocene and Miocene EPOCHS
Farmer's fields? FODDERLAND
Farmer's prefix AGRO
Feathered mimic MYNA
Featured chorus lines SOLOPARTS
Floral fragrances ATTARS
Ford's legacy? AUTOMANEMPIRE
Friendly folks' environs? HICOUNTRY
Galleon spars MASTS
Galleria display ARTE
Gets pets, maybe ADOPTS
Gram. case OBJ
Gritty intro? NITTY
Helps with the dishes DRIES
Clues Answers
Highest point ACME
Homeowners' prides LAWNS
Hundred-dollar bills, in slang BENJAMINS
Instant TRICE
Intention AIM
It broke up in 1991: Abbr USSR
JFK, in the '50s SEN
Jurist's paradise? SUENATION
Kubla Khan's palace XANADU
Legally block ESTOP
Like some cats HEP
Like some memories FOND
Liszt's "Transcendental __" ETUDES
Lux. neighbor BELG
Memorable provider of roadside aid SAMARITAN
Mexican pyramid builder AZTEC
Mexican pyramid builder MAYA
Modern Persian IRANI
Nicklaus rival WATSON
Nighttime refresher SLEEP
On __: if challenged ADARE
One may begin "Reminds me of the time ..." ANECDOTE
Orange-handled pot beverage DECAF
Organ with a drum EAR
Oscar fan's realm? WILDEKINGDOM
Peace, in Mexico PAZ
Pequod part-owner PELEG
Pet annoyance? PEEVE
Philly cager SIXER
Pickled offering at a deli PIGSFEET
Playing hooky, maybe: Abbr ABS
Quarterback's concerns SACKS
Queen's subjects ANTS
Rhododendron variety AZALEA
Roaring Camp chronicler HARTE
Romantic beginning NEO
Roomer's mecca? BOARDERSTATE
Round Table figure GALAHAD
Route directories ROADMAPS
Rub out ERASE
RV park chain KOA
Satyr cousins FAUNS
Scope opening? HORO
Shaping devices DIES
Showed the way LED
Sister NUN
Site of unplayable organs TORSO
Soil enricher MANURE
Some bowls ARENAS
Some Windows systems NTS
Soprano Kiri Te Kanawa, e.g MAORI
Spoonbill, for one WADER
Stir ADO
Taught gradually, with "in" INSTILLED
They made Trigger happy OATS
They may be written in tablets DOSAGES
Time and __ AHALF
Tints DYES
Tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey WIGAND
U.S. Army E-6, e.g NCO
Unappreciative response ICK
Unrestricted, as a discussion OPENENDED
Vacation plan TRIP
Vague rumor ONDIT
Winwood of Traffic STEVE
Youngest Marx brother ZEPPO
__ Darya River AMU
__-cone SNO