- Oct 11 2012

Clues Answers
''In what way?'' HOWSO
''Situation Room'' broadcaster CNN
''That sounds reasonable'' ITMAKESSENSE
''This is terrible!'' OHNO
About to cry TEARYEYED
Aggressive Olympian ARES
Airport counter name ALAMO
Analyzed grammatically PARSED
Answered back SASSED
Atlanta coll EMORYU
Baby foxes KITS
Balk at RESIST
Band on a sleeve ARMLET
Choice for current ACDC
Clip contents AMMO
Cold treat SUNDAE
Coloratura's performance ARIA
Confused ATSEA
Considered only in terms of money DOLLARSANDCENTS
Conundrums POSERS
Detection devices RADARS
Distressful cry YOWL
Down for the count KOD
Driver's delight OPENROAD
Elegance CLASS
Grow incisors TEETHE
Ham's frequent surroundings RYE
Ham's frequent surroundings DELI
Heart of __ (Alabama nickname) DIXIE
Ill humor SPLEEN
In its current state ASIS
Join together LINK
Kauai keepsake LEI
Landlocked African country CHAD
Leaves in the kitchen ROSEMARY
Light touch PAT
Light-dawning cry AHA
Clues Answers
Little bouquet POSY
Mad Hatter's offering TEA
Madrid mother MADRE
Manuscript marking STET
Mascara applicator WAND
Mediocre writer HACK
Perching places ROOSTS
Plentiful AMPLE
Pointy-eared being ELF
Positive replies YESES
President with a DC memorial FDR
Pull along TOW
Radiance GLOW
Rail supports TIES
Red Muppet ELMO
Skin soother ALOE
Sledding spot HILL
Slightest LEAST
Some cologne components FLORALSCENTS
Stable mom MARE
Staff symbol CLEF
Sty cry OINK
Summary RECAP
Surreptitious signal PSST
Take a dip SWIM
The same ALIKE
Thresholds DOORSILLS
Title for Julie Andrews DAME
Tours of duty STINTS
Turbine part ROTOR
TV science series NOVA
Type of 33 Across PEKOE
Vicksburg victor GRANT
Villainous EVIL
Wedding rental LIMO
Widespread RIFE
Woodshop tool LATHE
Worldwide fashion mag ELLE