L.A. Times Daily - Oct 10 2012

Clues Answers
"Count me out" IPASS
"Hotel Rwanda" tribe TUTSI
"Mangia!" EAT
"Norma __" RAE
"Spare me the details," in brief TMI
"We want to hear the story" TELLIT
*2000s documentary whose first episode was "From Pole to Pole" PLANETEARTH
*Indoor antenna RABBITEARS
*One who was held up, most likely LATEARRIVAL
*Protection for jousters PLATEARMOR
*Role in the films "Wichita" and "Tombstone" WYATTEARP
2001 bankruptcy filer ENRON
Aphid's meal SAP
Back when AGO
Backpacked beast ASS
Beetle juice? GAS
Big name in raingear TOTES
Bona fide LEGIT
Brew source TAP
Cass's title MAMA
Cleaning closet item RAG
Comic strip possum POGO
Communication at Gallaudet U ASL
Compote ingredient FRUIT
Concert venue ARENA
Criticize with barbs ZING
Derrière REAR
Devil's work EVIL
Diagnostic test SCAN
DOJ employee ATTY
Fired on SHOTAT
Flu fighter's episode BOUT
French noble COMTE
Genetics pioneer Mendel GREGOR
Get-up-and-go ENERGY
Gibson __ GIRL
Glowing, perhaps LIT
Grape-growing spot ARBOR
Clues Answers
Ice cream thickener AGAR
It may be set or set off ALARM
Lather again RESOAP
Lexus competitor ACURA
Lint collector NAVEL
Lotion addition ALOE
Malady with swelling MUMPS
Managed SAWTO
Marsh bird EGRET
Miracle-__ GRO
Mozambique neighbor MALAWI
Mutineer REBEL
Nautical pole SPRIT
Neil Simon's "__ Suite" PLAZA
Neither mate NOR
Noisy quarrel ROW
One helping after a crash TECH
Opera featuring Iago OTELLO
Opposite of après AVANT
Part of DOS: Abbr SYS
Pertaining to planes AERO
Picnic side SLAW
Place for un chapeau TETE
Pope after Sergius II LEOIV
Potter's apparatus WHEEL
Put to shame ABASH
Renaissance __ FAIRE
Rip to pieces, and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to this puzzle's starred clues TEARAPART
Seizes unlawfully USURPS
So far ASYET
Source of lean red meat EMU
Start a hole TEEUP
Trail behind LAG
Variety ARRAY
Video game stage LEVEL
Will Smith title role ALI
__ of Gibraltar STRAIT