- Oct 10 2012

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Clues Answers
''Can it!'' SHUTUP
''Clan of the Cave Bear'' author AUEL
Are in the red to OWE
Bar snack NUTS
Barely enough SCANT
Barn bird OWL
Bits of dew DROPS
Borscht ingredients BEETS
Bow shape ARC
Burn with water SCALD
Come to pass OCCUR
Community center org YMCA
Contents of hourglasses SANDS
Corn holder COB
Corned beef concoction HASH
Cut crudely HACK
Denver's st COLO
Detective's lead CLUE
Director Spike LEE
Donkeys ASSES
Easter entrée HAM
Evicts OUSTS
Fit for a king REGAL
Flowing, as fabric DRAPED
Formerly ONCE
Future stallion COLT
Go-between AGENT
Good for dieters NOCAL
Hat painted by Renoir BERET
Heidi's home ALPS
High degree NTH
Hoodlum THUG
Hoodlums TOUGHS
Insignificant PUNY
Intro to a 37 Across HTTP
Jack on ''30 Rock'' ALEC
Kitchen spice MACE
Laid-back MELLOW
Clues Answers
Lake boat CANOE
Let up ABATE
Like some fries CURLY
Mischief-making activity MONKEYBUSINESS
Nevada necktie BOLO
Nursery toy BALL
Ointment ingredient ALOE
One and only SOLE
Oodles ALOT
Penny pinchers PIKERS
Pierce STAB
Pig's nose SNOUT
Pizzeria appliance OVEN
Possible problem CAUSEFORCONCERN
Ready to go SET
Recipe meas TBS
Rectangular shape OBLONG
Repeat verbatim ECHO
Rights protection org ACLU
S&L conveniences ATMS
Seeing red SORE
Singer Judd NAOMI
Small rugs MATS
Speak unclearly SLUR
Sunset Blvd. campus UCLA
Sushi bar fish EEL
Test pilot's concern GFORCE
Tough journeys TREKS
Turkey stuffing herb SAGE
US trade pact since 1993 NAFTA
Variety show REVUE
Vicinity AREA
Victimizes, with ''on'' PREYS
Water-park ride FLUME
WWW address URL
[not my error] SIC