Universal - Oct 9 2012

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Clues Answers
"Bummer!" ALAS
"Venus de ___" MILO
"___ turn up" ITLL
Attempt to be heard SHOUT
Attys.' group ABA
Automobile-eschewing sect AMISH
Bad way to be prepared? ILL
Bank employee TELLER
Big or bright thing IDEA
Blender sound WHIR
Cause for a child's punishment, perhaps SASS
Chain piece LINK
Chess defeats MATES
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Clean energy source WINDMILL
Competent ABLE
Cubic firewood measure STERE
Cummerbund accompanier BOWTIE
Dixieland jazz feature SOLO
Dole out ALLOT
Dryer fluff LINT
Elbowroom LEEWAY
Emulated Simon? SAID
Epitome of messiness STY
Faith of country music HILL
Fat, as a chance SLIM
Fielder's aid GLOVE
From the beginning ABINITIO
Gave relief to EASED
George W., to George H.W SON
Give up, as rights CEDE
Good opponent? EVIL
Grown up ADULT
Hunted Carroll critter SNARK
Iris's location UVEA
Japanese industrial center OSAKA
John's "Grease" co-star OLIVIA
Least foolish WISEST
Likable prez? IKE
Clues Answers
Like failed relationships OVER
Like overused jokes OLD
Longest reptile in the longest river? MILECROCODILE
Lord of the ring, once ALI
Los ___, New Mexico ALAMOS
Makes lace TATS
Metronome measure TEMPO
Military blockades SIEGES
Mississippi mud SILT
More colorless PALER
Not quite a circle OVAL
O.J. trial judge ITO
Office transmittal MEMO
Oft-able one SEAMAN
Often-numbered print LITHO
On the Baltic, say ASEA
Palindromic king TUT
Pool openings BREAKS
Potter's furnace KILN
Property encumbrance LIEN
Punch tools AWLS
Put down the hatch EATEN
Put hair in rollers SET
Romantic bloom ROSE
Small prayer? MANTIS
Spa soaker HOTTUB
Sphere in a scepter ORB
Splash and dash ECLAT
Splashy party GALA
Stretch the truth or stretch out LIE
Succumb to gravity SAG
The others THEM
Throw out EMIT
Wet zappers EELS
What kitty makes on January 1st? MEWRESOLUTION
Without value NULL
Yankee closer Mariano Rivera in non-save games? MOWINSITUATIONS
___ it good (is well-off) HAS