New York Times - Apr 25 2005

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Clues Answers
'Gosh!' GEE
'The World According to ___' GARP
'Time ___ the essence' ISOF
'___ my case' IREST
1950's girl's fashion POODLESKIRT
1964 Olympics city TOKYO
Accustom ENURE
Afternoon TV fare SOAP
Answer's opposite CLUE
Brainstorms IDEAS
Buffoons OAFS
Cake decorator ICER
Coach Parseghian ARA
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Cousin of 'Abracadabra!' PRESTO
Cozy spot NOOK
Czar or king RULER
Fancy tie ASCOT
Flubbed ERRED
Food critic Sheraton MIMI
French novelist Pierre LOTI
Holiday suffix FEST
Idyllic garden EDEN
In progress AFOOT
In the movies ONSCREEN
Integra maker, formerly ACURA
Is ___ (probably will) APTTO
J.F.K. or Dubya PRES
Jobs for repair shops DENTS
Keep one's subscription going RENEW
Kiddies TYKES
Lather FOAM
Make ready, briefly PREP
Manicurists' targets NAILS
Matador charger TORO
Mongolian desert GOBI
Clues Answers
MS-___ DOS
Muddy up ROIL
Mysterious writing RUNE
Nobleman EARL
Not exactly svelte STOUT
Obliterate ERASE
Once around the track LAP
One who might have a prime corner office EXEC
Opera highlight ARIA
Opposite NNW SSE
Peach ___ (dessert) MELBA
Perimeter RIM
Pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Planets ORBS
Porkpies and panamas HATS
Prefix with acetylene OXY
Quilting party BEE
Scottish child BAIRN
Scrutinizes EYES
Secretary of State Vance CYRUS
See 24-Across RAMP
Sing softly CROON
Sounds like a donkey BRAYS
Special features EARMARKS
Strengthens GIRDS
Summers on the Riviera ETES
Swing around SLUE
Take steps ACT
Thanksgiving decoration HORNOFPLENTY
Took care of SAWTO
Trees used in shipbuilding TEAKS
Upholstered piece SOFA
Where actors put costumes on DRESSINGROOM
With 19-Across, where to get on a freeway ENTRANCE
Witty banquet figure TOASTMASTER
Word that can precede the start of 20-, 35-, 43- or 58-Across FRENCH
___ Gay (W.W. II plane) ENOLA