- Oct 6 2012

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Clues Answers
''. . . as a __ that knows its rider'': Byron STEED
''Happy Days'' hangout ALS
''Universal Soldier'' setting NAM
Accommodates OBLIGES
Acting, perhaps ONSTAGE
As loudly as possible FFF
Australia/New Zealand separator TASMANSEA
Back __ END
Battle of the Bulge region ARDENNES
Cabinet-level Executive dept OMB
Calendar abbr TUE
Catalog component ORDERFORM
Chinese cuisine staple PEANUTOIL
City warmed by the Gulf Stream OSLO
Comic with a ''Popular Mechanics'' column LENO
Daring display BRAVURA
Discover accidentally HITON
Early '70s fad CBRADIOS
Electrolux spokesperson RIPA
Express displeasure SNORT
First Honorary Reagan Fellow of Eureka College EDMEESE
Heads for in a hurry RUNSOFFTO
Heights ACMES
Home of Middle East University AMMAN
Inflation candidates EGOS
It holds the line SPOOL
Its official snack is Jell-O UTAH
Its plate says ''Scenic'' IDAHO
Kipling's ''The Power of the Dog,'' e.g ODE
Lang. that gave us ''rucksack'' GER
Lightens EASES
Like flycatchers AVIAN
Lines at the grocery UPC
Madcap kin of '50s fiction MAME
Clues Answers
Military group SQUAD
Military group PATROL
Muscle cars revived in 2010 CAMAROS
Occasionally INSPOTS
One-pointers in an outdoor game LEANERS
Orangutan habitat SUMATRA
Overcomes CONQUERS
Places to sound off OPEDS
Pokes, perhaps REMINDS
Pool maneuvers CAROMS
Proscriptions NONOS
Responsive to FOR
S'more cousin MOONPIE
She directed Meg as Sally NORA
Simultaneously ALLATONCE
Sleep Eazy, on ''The Simpsons'' MOTEL
Slightly SOME
Smartened (up) SPRUCED
Something different ANOTHER
Sounds impressed OOHS
Spaghetti, for one STRAP
Specialized patio panels PETDOORS
Stampede participant ROPER
Stretchy ELASTIC
Surrender, so to speak CAVE
They may be over your head HOODS
Times given names ERAS
Tomato Cooler ingredient TONIC
Totals ARE
Tree of the laurel family SASSAFRAS
Where Dell Computer started DORM
Where stock is found HERD
Where stock is found SOUP
__ moment AHA