USA Today - Oct 3 2012

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Clues Answers
"America's got Talent" segments ACTS
"Bad" for "good," e.g SLANG
"Dear old" fellow DAD
"Grease" band ___ Na Na SHA
"Pet" annoyance PEEVE
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
"___ and the King" ANNA
"___ your move" ITS
Attachments to cowboy boots SPURS
Auto body repair task DENT
Berlin Mrs FRAU
Bird's beak NEB
Birth mo. of most Libras OCT
Boring devices AUGERS
Bows out EXITS
Caber thrower SCOT
Camel kin LLAMA
Capital of Norway OSLO
Catastrophic DIRE
Certain undergarment BRA
Civil rights grp NAACP
Conjure up, as memories EVOKE
Delivery co. with brown trucks UPS
Desire and then some CRAVE
Event on a fight card BOUT
Eyeglasses' edges RIMS
Figure often depicted in green ALIEN
Final transport HEARSE
Firstborn's heritage LEGACY
Fish for lunch? TUNA
Foil's cousin EPEE
Former Winter Palace resident TSAR
Get the crowd warmed up OPEN
Grazing African animal GNU
Impulse transmitter NEURON
Intends AIMS
Introduce opposition RAISEOBJECTIONS
Like a sailor avoiding the draft? ALEE
Clues Answers
Lobster's defense CLAW
Low poker hand PAIR
Man of the casa SENOR
Mediocre writers HACKS
Non-numerical phone button STAR
Open just a bit AJAR
Oscar winner for "Hud" NEAL
Part of a flower's calyx SEPAL
Prefer to laugh over other options SEETHEFUNNYSIDE
Prefix with "dynamics" or "space" AERO
Prudential rival AETNA
Quiz show attempt GUESS
Real-estate document DEED
Religion spinoff SECT
Ridiculous shams FARCES
Seedless kind of orange NAVEL
Seek immediate medical assistance, in a way CALLANAMBULANCE
Shade source TREE
Smoked delicacy EEL
Some document transmissions FAXES
Something to back up DATA
Soundness of mind SANITY
Stares in wonder GAPES
Through this means HEREBY
Time after time OFTEN
Unbilled person EXTRA
Use a swizzle stick STIR
Violent protest RIOT
Virginia's dance? REEL
Weigh station deductions TARES
Winged mammal BAT
Women hate it when they run HOSE
Word with "faced" or "timed" TWO
Words before "arms" or "smoke" UPIN
World's fair, e.g EXPO
Yemeni seaport ADEN
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ League (Middle Eastern group) ARAB
___ nerve (eye part) OPTIC