New York Times - Sep 30 2012

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Clues Answers
'Dreaming of You' singer SELENA
'Sing of old ___ and the ancient ways': Yeats EIRE
'The Lady's Got Potential' musical EVITA
'We ___ Get Out of This Place' GOTTA
'___ said ...' ASI
'___ second' INA
1946 Best Supporting Actor nominee William DEMAREST
1950s coup site CUBA
911 V.I.P.'s EMTS
ABC, e.g., in Variety-speak NET
About INRE
About 90% of its land is owned communally SAMOA
Accustomed (to) ENURED
Actor Patel of 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' DEV
Almost forever EON
Ancient assembly sites AGORAS
Bases for boats KEELS
Beam of support IBAR
Bleepers CENSORS
Borgia enemy MEDICI
Bro's greeting YODUDE
California's Harvey ___ College MUDD
Capital of the Swiss canton of Valais SION
Circus employee TAMER
Coat and tie, e.g ATTIRE
Commuter on a crowded bus, e.g.? REARBUMPER
Company with a 1996 I.P.O YAHOO
Company with a 2004 I.P.O GOOGLE
Comprehended SEEN
Dam that aids in fish-catching WEIR
Dandy ACE
Dealy-bobs GIZMOS
Diary tidbit SECRET
Digit in military lingo NINER
Dramamine user's fear NAUSEA
Dual-___ CARB
Effectuates DOES
Elongated swimmer GAR
English king ___ the Peaceful EDGAR
Extended one's stint REUPPED
Facility KNACK
Family TRIBE
Feared folklore figure OGRESS
First name in the White House BARACK
Gen. Robt. ___ ELEE
Genesis man who lived 239 years PELEG
Giggles TEHEES
Greek architectural style IONIC
Harebrained ASININE
Hero makers DELIS
Home for a 123-Across ASIA
Huck Finn's father PAP
Iago, to Othello AIDE
It fits in a lock OAR
Judea's ___ the Great HEROD
Knicks venue, for short MSG
Legal proceeding over a meth bust? CRANKCASE
Lenny's friend on 'The Simpsons' CARL
Leon who won a Pulitzer for his biography of Henry James EDEL
Life after death? OBIT
Like dunderheads DENSE
Like one battery terminal: Abbr POS
Local council member: Abbr ALD
Lock up CAGE
Looney Tunes toon, informally TAZ
Money of Laos KIP
Clues Answers
More lighthearted GAYER
Mozart's Donna ___ ELVIRA
Noise in a nest COO
Northern Plains people CREE
Nose out EDGE
Number-one BIGGEST
Oasis, often SPRING
Odist's 'before' ERE
Old Navy's owner THEGAP
One of the Lennons SEAN
One-named Brazilian soccer star ADRIANO
One-sixth of a drachma OBOL
Ones reliant on the local blood supply TSETSES
Pauline work EPISTLE
Picks up SENSES
Pier group? PILINGS
Potentially slanderous remark LIE
Practice, as skills HONE
Preferred groups ALISTS
Prefix with -meter ANEMO
Preschooler TOT
Price abbr CTS
Programming behind computer pop-ups ADWARE
Restroom sign MEN
Rock-climbing challenges CRAGS
Round entree POTPIE
Scottish turndowns NAES
Shade akin to almond ECRU
Sholem Aleichem protagonist TEVYE
Shoots in the foot LAMES
Side of a road BERM
Skiing gold medalist Tommy MOE
Slaw, e.g SALAD
Smell of sour milk? TURNSIGNAL
Some August newborns LEOS
Some modern memos ENOTES
Some sleepwear NIGHTIES
Source of some intolerance LACTOSE
Spanish direction SUR
Spot for a farm laborer's sunburn NAPE
Start of a seasonal song ADESTE
Strep treater, for short ENT
Suffix with balloon or cartoon IST
Synthetic fabrics RAYONS
Theologian Johann ECK
They tend IVs RNS
Thickly cover CARPET
Throw in the towel BAGIT
Tipped off ALERTED
Toy warnings? GRRS
Tribute HOMAGE
TV excerpts CLIPS
Unglazed ceramic jars OLLAS
Unsteady ERRATIC
Vice-presidential family BIDENS
Viewed remotely? ONSCREEN
Weavers' willows OSIERS
What Katie Holmes lost in divorce court? CRUISECONTROL
Wild equine of 79-Across ONAGER
With one's heart, if nothing else INSPIRIT
Word before A or T MODEL
Word before sale or after sales TAG
Wrongful discharge award BACKPAY
___ all-time high ATAN
___ bar HEATH
___ Landing (part of Philadelphia) PENNS
___ McAn shoes THOM
___ Pet CHIA