L.A. Times Daily - Sep 26 2012

Clues Answers
"Characters welcome" network USA
"Gotta hit the hay" INEEDSOMEZS
"Over here!" HEYYOU
"That has __ ring to it" ANICE
"The Balcony" painter MANET
"Why bother?" NOPOINT
"Zip your lip!" STOWIT
"__ Rosenkavalier" DER
Airline to Oslo SAS
Baba of folklore ALI
Baudelaire, par exemple POETE
Bed or home ending STEAD
Beyond zaftig OBESE
Big chunk of Eur RUS
Bindle carrier HOBO
Canadian pump sign ESSO
Canned pasta brand SPAGHETTIOS
Chi preceder PHI
Color property TONE
Cookies with a bite GINGERSNAPS
Cut from the same cloth AKIN
D.C. athlete NAT
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Elementary school fundamentals THETHREERS
Elie Wiesel work NIGHT
Elite Navy group SEALS
Evaluates ASSESSES
Eye part IRIS
Framed work ART
Future snakes, perhaps EGGS
Girl in a pasture EWE
Gives the heave-ho OUSTS
Global networking pioneer COMSAT
Gossipy Smith LIZ
Grandchild of Japanese immigrants SANSEI
Clues Answers
Keeps after taxes NETS
Kent State's home OHIO
Large eel CONGER
Lemon and lime TREES
Like Big Ben ANALOG
Little one TOT
Looney Tunes collectible CEL
Marks to brag about STRAIGHTAS
Modern site of Mesopotamia IRAQ
Mom's behavior warning MINDYOURPSANDQS
No. twos VPS
Norm: Abbr STD
Nothing more than MERE
OCS grads, usually LTS
Poe's "ungainly fowl" RAVEN
Put into words SAY
Quark's locale ATOM
Rap's __ Wayne LIL
Reader with a sensitive screen KINDLETOUCH
Receive, as a radio signal TUNEIN
Regards highly ESTEEMS
Remote control battery AACELL
Solitary sorts LONERS
South American country at 0 degrees lat ECUA
Stir-fry additive MSG
Structural threat for many a house DRYROT
Surpassed in extravagance OUTSPENT
Swift means of attack? SATIRE
Theater sections LOGES
Took it on the lam LITOUT
Towel lettering HIS
Traditional doings RITES
Water filter brand PUR
Whichever ANY
With-the-grain woodworking technique RIPCUT
[frog lands in pond] PLOP
__ of Good Feelings ERA