- Sep 23 2012

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Clues Answers
''American Idol'' judge, familiarly JLO
''Don't __ stranger'' BEA
''Got it!'' ISEE
''Grrr!'' IMMAD
''James and the Giant Peach'' author DAHL
''Wait just __!'' ASEC
''__ number one!'' WERE
'50s Ford EDSEL
Acid used to make soap OLEIC
Alda et al ALANS
AOL alternative MSN
As well TOO
Asylum seeker EMIGRE
Author Haley ALEX
Ball holder TEE
Basics ABCS
Baum princess OZMA
Be a pilot AVIATE
Beekeeper APIARIST
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Certain dyed hair BLEACHEDBLONDE
Chip off the old block SON
CIO partner AFL
Civil War general Doubleday ABNER
Close tightly SEAL
College major ART
Color TV pioneer RCA
Columbus patron ISABELLA
Come to a standstill CEASE
Concluded ATANEND
Conductor Solti GEORG
Cookie first sold in 1912 OREO
Corn portion EAR
Corps of Engineers concern BEACHEROSION
Creature BEAST
Crunch at the gym STOMACHEXERCISE
Cryptologic grp NSA
Cul-__ DESAC
Debater of 1992 PEROT
Deep cut GASH
Dept. of Labor agency OSHA
Distress call SOS
Diving birds AUKS
Door attachment HINGE
Earth sci GEOG
Emergency transport MEDEVACHELICOPTER
Encourage ABET
Encouraged the team RAHED
Eurasian range URALS
Explosive initials TNT
Extinguish DOUSE
Farm team OXEN
Fashion often seen in 1890s photos HANDLEBARMUSTACHE
Figure of speech DEVICE
Fill with wonder AWE
Fireman's tool AXE
First-rate, so to speak PHAT
Fitness HEALTH
Flies high SOARS
Formal speech ADDRESS
Former Universal Studios owner MCA
Frat letter ETA
French schools LYCEES
Frenzied LOCO
Furniture wood OAK
Genuine: Abbr AUTH
Glaze, for example COAT
Good for dieters NOCAL
GPS line AVE
Height: Abbr ALT
Clues Answers
Home of Washington U STL
Horde ARMY
Hubbub ADO
In the center of AMID
In the loop AWARE
Incoming plane ARRIVAL
Indian princess RANI
Justice Ruth __ Ginsburg BADER
Kolkata coin RUPEE
Last year's frosh SOPH
Learned one SAGE
Lessen EASE
Like peas PODDED
Lilliputian WEE
Major NASCAR sponsor STP
Mark up a score NOTATE
Menu phrase ALA
Midshipman counterpart CADET
Midwest airport OHARE
Money-making operation MINT
Monogram of Garfield's successor CAA
Moves, as a portrait REHANGS
Needle TEASE
No gentleman CAD
Novelist Grafton SUE
Old saw MAXIM
One less than tetra- TRI
Other than that ELSE
Part of RSVP SIL
Peace Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Period in office TERM
Persona non __ GRATA
Pile up AMASS
Pizza specification EXTRACHEESE
Play the fool JEST
Quayle successor GORE
Radio station sign ONAIR
Rapper Snoop __ DOGG
Really moves RACES
Run the show EMCEE
S&L convenience ATM
Sail support MAST
Samberg of ''SNL'' ANDY
Scrape off ERASE
Scrapes (out) EKES
Small dog, for short PEKE
Snoring symbols ZEES
Soothes LULLS
Sort of outbuilding DETACHEDGARAGE
Sound of delight AAH
Sounds of rebuke TUTS
Source of fine fleece ALPACA
Studio professional MUSICTEACHER
Swiss mathematician EULER
Switz. neighbor AUS
Textile factory container DYEVAT
That steamed feeling IRE
Took a fast look GLANCED
Toon hunter ELMER
Top-rated ACE
Totals ARE
Toy giant HASBRO
Trivial amount REDCENT
Undergoes dentition TEETHES
Until now TODATE
Weird ODD
White House hostess: Abbr FLOTUS
Wish undone RUE
Words of dismay OHOH
Wrapper's roll TAPE