L.A. Times Daily - Sep 19 2012

Clues Answers
"I say!" EGAD
"Modern Family" network ABC
"Superfudge" novelist JUDYBLUME
"The Chimpanzees of Gombe" writer JANEGOODALL
1983 movie about a taxi company DCCAB
Abuse of power TYRANNY
Arches with pointed tops OGEES
Avoid, as an issue BEG
Avoids an F PASSES
Bit of background in a Road Runner cartoon MESA
Campfire remains ASH
Caustic stuff LYE
Chop chopper CLEAVER
Christmas __ EVE
Clear blue AZURE
Cold War agcy AEC
Dance in a pit MOSH
Do lunch, e.g EAT
Farm feed item OAT
Fixed, in a way GELDED
Flower for one's honey REDROSE
Foreknow, as the future SEEINTO
Girl sib SIS
Henry VIII's fourth ANNE
Highlands honey LASS
Himalayan myth YETI
Home on the range CAMP
Hot tub reaction AAH
Hotfoot it, old-style HIE
Interstate H-1 locale OAHU
Intrinsically PERSE
Israeli weapons UZIS
Kukla's dragon friend OLLIE
Leader for whom Houston's airport is named GEORGEBUSH
Like ice or dice CUBED
Like many Miamians, by birth CUBAN
Narrow-bodied river fish GAR
Clues Answers
Nicholas II, e.g TSAR
Nick and Nora's pooch ASTA
Not a good thing to be at the wheel ASLEEP
Noted vowel seller SAJAK
Oboist's supply REEDS
Office furnishing DESK
Optic layer UVEA
Pair TWO
Part of a Molière comédie ACTE
Patio planter POT
Place for a sala CASA
Ponies up PAYS
Pro Football Hall of Famer nicknamed "Crazylegs" ELROYHIRSCH
Purpose GOAL
Really tired BEAT
Run-of-the-mill AVERAGE
Salon supply GEL
Saloon orders RYES
Salt sprinkle DASH
Savior in a Bach cantata JESU
Shell propellers OARS
Snob's affectations AIRS
Some McFlurry ingredients OREOS
Speaker with a .345 career batting average TRIS
Spotty condition? MEASLES
Squander WASTE
Square food? MEAL
Stallion feature MANE
Starfish arm RAY
Traffic cops gp.? DEA
TV series that first aired 9/23/1962 whose family shares first names with 17-, 24-, 34- and 49-Across THEJETSONS
Verdi slave AIDA
Visitors center handout AREAMAP
Wee bit TAD
WWII craft LST
Zigzag hole feature DOGLEG
Zoe of "Avatar" SALDANA
__ held: in few hands, as stock CLOSELY
__ vu DEJA