Wall Street Journal - Sep 14 2012 - September 14, 2012 - A Little Class

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Clues Answers
'Dreams From My Father' writer OBAMA
'Eugene Onegin' contralto OLGA
'Face the Nation' guest POL
'Good riddance to this week!' TGIF
'Have I got ___ for you!' ADEAL
'Head of a Catalan Peasant' painter MIRO
'I begin to see the truth!' OHO
'In the Valley of ___' (Tommy Lee Jones movie) ELAH
'Te ___' (Rihanna song) AMO
'The fairies' midwife,' according to Mercutio QUEENMAB
'___ Rock' IAMA
*'The Book of Mormon' and others MUSICALCOMEDIES
*End an affair CALLITQUITS
*German capital, formerly DEUTSCHEMARK
*Perpendicular ATRIGHTANGLES
*Player of Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter films EMMATHOMPSON
*Singer with reggae's Melody Makers ZIGGYMARLEY
1963 title role for Shirley IRMA
According to ALA
Adoptive brother of Edward in 'Twilight' EMMETT
Anatomical partitions SEPTA
Astronomers' 'year zero' ONEBC
Atlas expanse OCEAN
Be shy OWE
Beat, just barely, in sports headlines EKEBY
Beer buy CASE
Bibliography space-saver ETAL
Binary, in a way YESNO
Body-piercing choice STUD
Brad's ex JEN
Bygone daggers SNEES
Cake, to Carlos TORTA
California's Big ___ SUR
Captain's invitation COMEABOARD
Celebratory work ODE
Center of Washington? KENNEDY
Character PERSONA
Childish comeback ISTOO
Claim not yet proven ALLEGATION
Clarification intro IMEAN
Collectible cap of the 1990s POG
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Contented utterance AHH
Demolition compounds TNTS
Diamond stat RBI
Diminish LETUP
Disintegrates, as a cell LYSES
Displaying astonishment AGAPE
Diva delivery TRILL
Dominant sort TOPDOG
DVD selling point EXTRAS
Early 13th century year MCCV
Enter the race RUN
First American in space SHEPARD
Fish-catching eagle ERNE
Flatter most sincerely? IMITATE
Follower of Fannie or Ginnie MAE
Fox terrier of films ASTA
From Assisi, for example UMBRIAN
Goal of some talks PEACE
Good buy STEAL
Green area: Abbr ECOL
Hägar the Horrible's wife HELGA
Half-moon tides NEAPS
Hardest to keep, as a secret JUICIEST
Has the hots LUSTS
Headquarters of Burger King and Benihana MIAMI
I might be mistaken for it LETTERL
Clues Answers
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Iowa State setting AMES
Japanese capital, formerly EDO
Keep from being perfect MAR
Kern and Robbins JEROMES
Key of Mendelssohn's 'Scottish' Symphony AMINOR
Language impairments APHASIAS
Levi's line SEAM
Like some soap ONAROPE
Like Spock's mother HUMAN
Made out SAW
Make a scene? ACT
Make out ESPY
Marking time IDLE
Middle-earth baddie ORC
Mlle., across the Pyrenees SRTA
Nickname of Francois Duvalier PAPADOC
Not too hard GETTABLE
Out of the mud, perhaps UNSTUCK
Overtakes PASSESBY
Pakistan divider INDUS
Perfect HONE
Posthumous winner of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997 ZAPPA
Presentation aid EASEL
Presidential candidates' early battleground IOWA
Proactiv target ACNE
Prop for Mr. Peanut CANE
Punt, for one BOAT
Raipur wrap SARI
Ran into MET
Range of vision EYESHOT
Reels in LANDS
Regular care UPKEEP
Remove from the DVR ERASE
Remove profanity from, say CLEANUP
Rich deposit ORE
Roughly ORSO
Saint ___ fire ELMOS
Sales dept. staffer AGT
Scrap for Spot ORT
Shipping units: Abbr CTNS
Some films, or, academically, what's hidden in the seven starred entries SHORTSUBJECTS
Some trail mixes GORPS
Song often accompanied by arm movements YMCA
Speed skater ___ Anton Ohno APOLO
Squishee seller of 'The Simpsons' APU
Start of a tot's recitation ABC
Start of many Brazilian place names SAO
Statistical books ALMANACS
Subject of the 53rd 'State Quarter' issued GUAM
Sumptuousness LUXE
Sweat producer TOIL
Synd. kin ASSOC
Take Casual Friday to extremes GONUDE
Take some hits SMOKEPOT
They cause wax to wane QTIPS
Thicket COPSE
Threw a line CUED
Thus far YET
Trebek's reading ANSWERS
Trouble EATAT
Two-legged stand BIPOD
Uncanny EERIE
Utterly lost ATSEA
Wahine's welcome ALOHA
Was of the opinion FELT
Wee, to Burns SMA
Welcomes, in a way SMILESAT
Went underground HID
___-deucey ACEY