New York Times - Sep 9 2012

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Clues Answers
'Dance at Bougival' painter RENOIR
'Desperate Housewives' role EDIE
'Finnegans Wake' wife ANNA
'Fore ERE
'Hogwash!' PAH
'Peace!' SEEYA
'Pinocchio' keepsake CEL
'Rubáiyát' poet OMAR
'___ then ...' (on-air sign-off) UNTIL
... and 112-Across: 'strong, disciplined hands a must' PIRATECAPTAIN
... and 23-Across: 'should be comfortable sitting on the bench' CONCERTPIANIST
... and 33-Across: 'must wear gloves in the field' BASEBALLPLAYER
... and 50-Across: 'experienced in conducting surveys for sites' ARCHAEOLOGIST
... and 62-Across: 'may be tasked with generating impressions' ONLINEMARKETER
... and 69-Across: 'excellent filing skills required' METALWORKER
... and 86-Across: 'focused on improving circulation' LIBRARYPAGE
... and 96-Across: 'willing to open chests and work on vessels' CARDIACSURGEON
1972 Jack Lemmon comedy AVANTI
Abbey Road, e.g STREET
Actress Myrna LOY
Actress Vardalos NIA
Antiquity, once ELD
Arranges a blind date for SETSUP
Aviator's guide PYLON
Awesome, in slang ILL
Become part of history OCCUR
Bet on BACK
Bids one club, say OPENS
Big fairy OBERON
Boons for farmers RAINS
Borodin's 'Prince ___' IGOR
Break up ENDIT
Brown shade WALNUT
Bygone sedan ALERO
Careful writer's concern NUANCE
Cause of a product recall, perhaps DESIGNFLAW
Cause of some teen angst ACNE
Causing a stink, maybe ODORED
Causing trouble ATIT
Cheap cigar, in slang ELROPO
Cherubic CUTE
Chivalrous greeting MYLADY
Cleanup hitter, say RBIMAN
Co-explorer of 1804 CLARK
Control POLICE
Dance with a 'casino' style SALSA
Decorative Valentine's Day gift LOVEKNOT
Dessert wine ASTI
Dessert wines PORTS
Dharma teachers LAMAS
Divides RENDS
Easter egg roll, say RACE
Elided preposition OER
Elvis's 'Can't Help Falling In Love,' e.g SIDEB
Famous lawmaker? NEWTON
Fannie ___ MAE
Find, as a station TUNETO
First name in mysteries ERLE
Fishing line attachment BOBFLY
Four seasons, e.g CYCLE
Friends' feud RIFT
Fumble follower OOPS
Goddess pursued by Hera LETO
Golf event PROAM
Groucho's real name JULIUS
Herbalist's drink SAGETEA
Highballs? LOBS
Incomparable ONEOFAKIND
Integral course, informally CALC
Clues Answers
It can be smoothed over RINK
It might say 'ATM Here' NEONLAMP
Japanese bowlful SOBA
Japanese bowlful RAMEN
Jazz's Simone NINA
Jewelry item ARMLET
Lab order STAY
Legislative holdup LOGJAM
Letter that's an anagram of 111-Down ETA
Like Shylock STINGY
Like some investments RISKY
Many pledges FROSH
Mars atmosphere features CIRRI
Medieval helmet ARMET
Mendes of Hollywood EVA
Mount Narodnaya's locale URALS
Mrs. ___ ('Entourage' role) ARI
Mythical figure represented in Vermeer's 'The Art of Painting' CLIO
Nabisco brand NILLA
Nazareth's locale GALILEE
Oenophile's specification YEAR
Of greatest interest to a bibliophile, maybe RAREST
One down in the mouth TONSIL
Pacific capital APIA
Peculiar FUNNY
Penguin's spot, maybe FLOE
Peppery herb CRESS
Perform a body scan on? OGLE
Player of TV's Det. Tutuola ICET
Pollster's need DATA
Potsdam attendee STALIN
Pride Lands queen NALA
Punishment on the knuckles RAP
Purplish shade PUCE
Remain true HOLD
Rescuer of Mowgli in 'The Jungle Book' KAA
Ring toss activity? SUMO
Saturate IMBUE
School bully? ORCA
Scuba tank parts ORINGS
Seating area TIER
Settled things OLDSCORES
Shinto temple entrance TORII
Shout from a field HAW
Silently greet NODAT
Skyscraper support IBAR
Solzhenitsyn novel setting GULAG
Some ancient carvings GLYPHS
Something you might turn on RED
Sonnet part SESTET
Space traveler? COSMICRAY
Sticky situation BIND
Superstar IDOL
Tenant's contact, casually SUPE
Tikka masala go-with NAN
Took in ATE
Troubadour's love song ALBA
Turkish leaders AGHAS
Typical golf shots ARCS
Utah's ___ National Forest UINTA
Viracocha worshiper INCA
Walsh with three golds in beach volleyball KERRI
What '.99' may represent CENTS
What the French once called 'la Belle Rivière' OHIO
Where enfants learn ECOLE
Whoop CRY
Wi-Fi connection spots CAFES
Word before and after 'will be' BOYS
Worth no points, say WRONG
___ paradox LIARS