Universal - Sep 1 2012

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Clues Answers
"... ___ he drove out of sight" ERE
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"Love handles" material FLAB
"Nevertheless ..." EVENSO
A snake charmed her EVE
Alias preceder AKA
Allied nations, collectively BLOC
Ancient Irish language ERSE
Anger IRE
Apartment that's owned CONDO
Ball-___ hammer PEEN
Bart Simpson's grandfather ABE
Be of use to AVAIL
Beep the horn TOOT
Bird warble TRILL
Braying animal ASS
Break off completely SEVER
Broadway prize TONY
Buddhist priests LAMAS
Champagne title DOM
Civilian clothes MUFTI
Do-___ (replays) OVERS
Done with the evening commute ATHOME
Droop in the sun WILT
Extinct New Zealand birds MOAS
Fire engine destination BLAZE
Fish restaurant offering LEMONSOLE
From the beginning ABINITIO
Front end of China? INDO
Garlic-flavored mayonnaise AIOLI
Glimpse from afar ESPY
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Habitat ABODE
Ham it up as Hamlet EMOTE
Helicopter topper ROTOR
Hold up ROB
Indian dish made with stewed legumes DHAL
Indian nanny AYAH
Indiana Jones pursued it ARK
Clues Answers
It's right under your nose LIP
Italian sports car, for short ALFA
Kentucky explorer Daniel BOONE
Lake ___ (Lake Geneva) LEMAN
Language in Lahore URDU
Lowermost ship deck ORLOP
Make muddy ROIL
Make sense ADDUP
Medal-worthy behavior VALOR
Medicinal amount DOSE
Mocking remark GIBE
Month in the Hebrew calendar ADAR
Noted first name in jazz ELLA
On one's toes AWAKE
Part of a PC's innards CIRCUITBOARDS
Razzle-dazzle ECLAT
Romanian currency LEU
Sandcastle setting SHORE
Say if you'll be there RSVP
Send by parachute DROP
Servers try to clear it NET
Set up for a crime FRAME
Some band members KEYBOARDPLAYERS
Somewhat strange ODD
Space bar neighbor ALT
Suffix with "direct" or "detect" IVE
The L of L-dopa LEVO
The last word in worship AMEN
Threaded fastener SCREW
Times to be judged DOOMSDAYS
Tombstone acronym RIP
Type of mining SUBLEVEL
Uncomfortable underclothing condition WEDGIE
Valuable quality ASSET
West Point rookie PLEBE
What's built by lifting? BODY
Worldwide workers' grp ILO
___ and terminer OYER