- Sep 1 2012

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Clues Answers
''Birthplace of Democracy'' ATHENSGREECE
''Forrest Gump'' Oscar nominee SINISE
''If you done it, it __ bragging'': Whitman AINT
''Peut-__'' (perhaps: Fr.) ETRE
''Shrek'' beast ASS
'80s best-selling science book COSMOS
Author who influenced Verne POE
Average SOSO
Ball of wax SHEBANG
Be apprehensive MISGIVE
Berkshire Hathaway company GEICO
Blacken CHAR
Brita rival PUR
Can't leave well enough alone TINKERS
Ceiling, for short MAX
Civil War-era nickname JEFF
Cosmetics oil source ALOE
Cosmetics oil source EMUS
Easy group SOFTIES
Emergency message SOS
Expression of outrage against the powerful JACCUSE
First successful American automaker OLDS
Focus of a 2008 cheating scandal GMAT
Georgia county named for a Declaration signer GWINNETT
Homeland Security responsibility CUSTOMS
Indirect OBLIQUE
Infernal DANGED
Is acting boss HOLDSTHEFORT
It means ''green'' ECO
It's handled in a nursery rhyme PAIL
Item of the past EXES
Kind ILK
Legitimate FAIR
Clues Answers
Mars, for one CONFECTIONER
Metaphorical entanglement MIRE
Military tactic AIROFFENSIVE
Mischievous ARCH
Moment BIT
Novel identifier ISBN
Oceans, for instance ROARERS
Offers formally TENDERS
Operation __ Freedom (2003-2011 conflict) IRAQI
Orajel alternative ANBESOL
Order of the __ Eagle (Mexican medal) AZTEC
Poker activity UPPING
Remarks SAYS
Shakespeare's ''primrose path'' speaker OPHELIA
Sharp left? RED
Situation CASE
Skilled DEFT
Slugfest souvenir SHINER
Snap, crackle, or pop ELF
Stage director's concern CUTS
Starch source CORN
Table __ WINE
They may be boutiques HOTELS
They're almost perfect AMINUSES
TV debut of '72 HBO
TV debut of 2000 CSI
Uses heated air or pediculicide on DELOUSES
Victor at Actium AGRIPPA
Wash cycle SPINDRY
Where planes meet EDGES
Wonder Woman's beau TREVOR
Wouldn't shut up RANON
__ place TENS