New York Times - May 22 1998

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Clues Answers
'Hellzapoppin'' actress RAYE
'Real Love' singer Watley JODY
70's-80's TV character who said 'Kiss my grits' FLO
Agents J and K on-screen MENINBLACK
Alpine feature ARETE
Anna May of 'Shanghai Express' WONG
Bait, say TEASE
Bit of bait MINNOW
Blackjack request HITME
Break out EMERGE
Brown betty ingredient APPLE
Burst, in a way LANCE
Call for NEED
Critical element LINCHPIN
D.H.'s stat RBI
D.J.'s stack CDS
Datebook abbr. OCT
Defendant's plea, briefly NOLO
Disney World transport TRAM
Enter through the cracks SEEPIN
Film studio department WARDROBE
Forwards SENDS
Gambler's obligation DEBTOFHONOR
Grand ___ ('Evangeline' setting) PRE
Gung-ho about INTO
Inter ___ ALIA
Irrefutable SURE
Isn't wrong? AINT
It may be aluminum SIDING
Kind of team FARM
Less languid PERKIER
Less straight WRIER
Like many an order TALL
Liver accompaniment ONIONS
Magnet alloy ALNICO
Clues Answers
Melodramatic SOAPY
Missouri feeder OSAGE
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Necessitated ENTAILED
Nuptial knot WEDLOCK
Offerer of lambs to God ABEL
Part of an astonished expression SLACKJAW
Party pooper WETBLANKET
Place for 39-Across DAIS
Prefix with type LINO
Proceeded arrogantly STRODE
Propagates SOWS
Richard III's house YORK
Run a game on SCAM
Saint who founded scholasticism ANSELM
Semisynthetic fabrics RAYONS
Site of Margaret Mead study SAMOA
Slangy suffix EROO
Some hoedown dancers STOMPERS
Star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ANNIEOAKLEY
Steinbeck's ___ Small LENNIE
Stickers? NEEDLES
Stumpers? ORATORS
Subj. for an M.B.A. ECON
Swerves at sea YAWS
Therewithal ALSO
They may be sliding SCALES
Time it takes for light to travel .3 mm PSEC
Tuned in HIP
TV angel Munroe KRIS
Where the Hermitage is: Abbr. TENN
Wipe out EFFACE
Word div. SYLL
Works toward a Masters? GOLFS