New York Times - Aug 25 2012

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Clues Answers
'Ali' director Michael MANN
'I hate this' UGH
'Such mishegoss!' OYVEY
'Tropic Thunder' director and co-star STILLER
1942 Preakness winner ALSAB
1990 Best Supporting Actor winner PESCI
2009 comedy whose tagline is 'Some guys just can't handle Vegas' THEHANGOVER
2009 Grammy winner for 'Fearless' TAYLORSWIFT
Altar adjunct PRIEDIEU
Captain Hook's alma mater ETON
Cause of a curved flight path TOPSPIN
Chard or cab alternative ZIN
Childish comeback ISSO
Collusion CAHOOTS
Defenders' assignments ZONES
Doesn't lie gracefully SPRAWLS
End for end ING
Even, in Évreux EGAL
Feigned incapacity MALINGERED
Football Hall of Famer Bobby LAYNE
Founding need METAL
Goats' looks LEERS
Growth theory subj ECON
Hawks' old haunt OMNI
In la-la land OUTOFIT
It often has a crust on top ONIONSOUP
It set sail from Iolcus ARGO
It's seeing things SIGHT
Item of interest? LOAN
Jacquet who directed 'March of the Penguins' LUC
Kind of app IPAD
Kind of mentality SIEGE
Kitten's look GOOGOOEYES
Letters from desperate people SOS
Like a chorus line SUNG
Clues Answers
Like some sleep disruptions APNEAL
Make some loops KNIT
Mariposa's close relative SEGO
Met works OILS
Mex. and Uru. are in it OAS
Modern drag BUZZKILL
Not unless ONLYIF
O.T. book NEH
Old revolutionist RED
One taking the lead?: Abbr DET
One way to go to a party STAG
Point of no return? TENNISACE
Prefix with -hedron ICOSA
Query prompted by crying AREYOUOK
Recreation areas: Abbr PKS
Sandwich often given a twist OREO
See 59-Across DONETHAT
She hailed from the planet Alderaan LEIA
Small parts of floor plans CLOSETS
Sole component FIN
Street heaters GATS
Teen series whose title character is never seen GOSSIPGIRL
Tex-Mex topping GUAC
They get picked AFROS
Time for Variety? NITE
Turn-of-the-season mos SEPS
Visibly surprised AGAPE
Web crawler BOT
What some gurus are called SRI
With 61-Across, 'Nothing new to me!' BEENTHERE
Word after many presidents' names ERA
Yupik lang ESK
___ fois que (as soon as, in Arles) UNE
___ Fort (World Heritage Site in India) AGRA