New York Times - Apr 10 2005

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Clues Answers
'Au contraire!' NOTSO
'Courage!' TAKEHEART
'E.R.' regulars RNS
'Excuse me …' AHEM
'Frasier' role ROZ
'Hey, what's going ___ there?' ONIN
'Hogwash!' LIES
'I've Got the World on a String' composer ARLEN
'Omoo' setting TAHITI
'That ___ lie!' ISA
'The Sterile Cuckoo' actress, 1969 MINNELLI
'There but for the grace of God ___' GOI
'___ a Man,' John Ciardi poetry collection IMET
'___, O Ship of State!' SAILON
1950 Doris Day film TEAFORT
67-Down won this in 1921 THENOBELPRIZE
67-Down, for one PHYSICIST
Antique auto REO
Attacked HADAT
Away, in a way ASEA
Bailout key ESC
Bakery product CROISSANT
Beat up on HURT
Begged PLED
Belle-___-en-Mer, France ILE
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Big record label EMI
Biology lab organism ANAEROBE
Bird's home: Var. AERY
Blockhead ASS
Bohr who was a contemporary of 67-Down NIELS
Boundary: Abbr. LIM
Boutros-Ghali's U.N. successor ANNAN
Breaks down ROTS
Bullfighter's cloak CAPA
Cable inits. TNN
Colorado native UTE
Come of age? RIPEN
Company that has its ups and downs OTIS
Contrite type RUER
Corn cake PONE
Corn syrup brand KARO
Dangerous strain EBOLA
Dark time, briefly EVE
Darlin' HON
Days of ___ YORE
Deli order HAMONRYE
Delicateness TACT
Discount rack shorthand IRR
Dress down CHASTISE
E.R. lifelines IVS
Early astronaut CHIMP
Empress of the Blues ___ Smith BESSIE
End of the observation DOESNTHAPPENATONCE
Enlisted V.I.P.'s NCOS
Extension LIMB
Famed statement by 67-Down EEMCT
Fill until full SATE
First name in motorcycle jumping EVEL
First strategy PLANA
Flight suit stitching USAF
Foes of Lenin TSARISTS
Fort ___, Fla. MYERS
Four-time champ at Wimbledon LAVER
French 101 infinitive ETRE
Gazetteer datum AREA
Go by foot, slangily LEGIT
Go-for-broke choice ALLORNONE
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Greek war goddess ENYO
Hawaiian honeycreeper MAMO
High-end viola AMATI
Home of the Red Barons in minor-league baseball SCRANTON
How bitter enemies attack SAVAGELY
Hungarian hero ___ Nagy IMRE
In the mail SENT
In-flight info, in brief ETAS
Indian honorifics SRIS
Clues Answers
Industrial container VAT
It might have WiFi access LAPTOP
It's been passed ACT
It's over the North Pole URSAMINOR
Italian honey CARA
Jerome Kern tune '___ Forget' TRYTO
Kyrgyzstan range ALAI
Lab gel AGAR
Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario dir. ENE
Like suits and boots WEARABLE
Like the Navajo language APACHEAN
Literary inits. TSE
Locations for some schools REEFS
Louis, for one ROI
Love personified AMOR
Make lace TAT
Mayo's locale EIRE
Metal fastener UBOLT
Mirrors may show them REARVIEWS
Mix anew, as greens RETOSS
Mr. Peanut accessory CANE
Nintendo rival SEGA
Northumberland river TYNE
Not taking sides: Abbr. NEUT
Notable who died April 1955 ALBERTEINSTEIN
Notwithstanding INSPITEOF
Observation, Part 2 FORTIMEISSO
Observation, Part 3 THATEVERYTHING
Old Big Apple paper, with 'the' TRIB
On a par with ETO
One who hasn't turned pro? ANTI
One who's taken in ADOPTEE
One with steady nerves, slangily ICEMAN
Ormandy and Onegin EUGENES
Part: Abbr. SEG
Peak in les Alpes MONT
Ph.D.'s work: Abbr. DISS
Place with a board COOP
Police V.I.P. SARGE
Prestigious schools IVIES
Proofreader's notation ITAL
Psychologist's study AUTISM
Rachel and Kit CARSONS
Rainbow ARC
Realtor, e.g.: Abbr. AGT
Reason for a bounced check: Abbr. NSF
Rebounds CAROMS
Rival composer of Mozart SALIERI
Santiago charger TORO
Science fiction writer Frederik POHL
Scientist's question HOW
Silver dollar plants HONESTIES
Singer Simone NINA
Slightly ABIT
Slips in a pot IOUS
Small sheds COTES
Small snowfall ONEINCH
Soft shoes MOCS
Sound quality TIMBRE
Spiritual path TAO
Squabble SPAT
Start of an observation by 67-Down THEONLYREASON
Stay in the sun too long FRY
Suffix with Jumbo TRON
Sugar lovers ANTS
Table watchers PITBOSSES
Things that can be rolled over, for short IRAS
True or false: Abbr. ANS
Type size AGATE
Unit of storage SILO
Univ. employees TAS
W.W. II gun STEN
Ward (off) STAVE
Where 67-Down taught PRINCETON
Where a Laker may live INLA
Woody Allen's feeling, often ANGST
Work on the edge? HONE
Yankee's club BAT
___ Laredo, Mexico, on the Rio Grande NUEVO
___'acte ENTR