Universal - Aug 19 2012

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Clues Answers
"Ain't ___ truth?" ITTHE
"How was ___ know?" ITO
A paint primer may be used as one TEMPORARYFINISH
Actor Michael J FOX
Albacore or bluefin TUNA
Animated film with Manny the mammoth ICEAGE
Arm bone ULNA
Bay at the moon HOWL
Beach dressing-room CABANA
Below-the-knee skirt MIDI
Bright thing that comes to mind IDEA
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Chatty bird MYNA
Chi-town paper (with "The") TRIB
Circles, as Earth ORBITS
Combat ships MENOFWAR
Cooking apparatus STOVE
Crude shelter HUT
Cut, paste, or delete, e.g EDIT
Debate side CON
Documentary subject TOPIC
Eco-friendly deodorant applicator ROLLON
Emcee's delivery INTRO
Enter one's user name and password LOGON
Football holder TEE
Fortuneteller's deck TAROT
Frankenstein's helper IGOR
French social philosopher Georges SOREL
Frequently clicked image ICON
From Dublin IRISH
Fruit of a miner's labors ORE
Gardening or furniture-making, for some FULLTIMEHOBBY
Go well together MESH
It has regular drawings LOTTO
It's smaller than a denomination SECT
Kids' guessing game ISPY
King in "The Iliad" PRIAM
Large vases URNS
Clues Answers
Like petting-zoo animals DOCILE
Make quite an impression? ETCH
Mashhad is its second-largest city IRAN
Massachusetts cape COD
Mexican state on the Gulf of California SONORA
Mighty toss HEAVE
Morsel for a horse OAT
Musical members CAST
Neutral stocking color ECRU
New York city where Mark Twain lived ELMIRA
Nome dome home IGLOO
Penicillin source MOLD
Pretty easy to see or understand FAIRLYOBVIOUS
Quarter-round molding OVOLO
Reason for a cram session TEST
Red Cross inventories SERA
Right-angled bend ELL
Ringo of the Fab Four STARR
Roget editions THESAURI
Rustic lodgings INNS
Sharpshooter's asset AIM
Small, furry monkey TITI
Social dud MISFIT
Son of Seth ENOS
Spanish bull TORO
Tenant's expense RENT
They can be pirated SEAS
Timber problem DRYROT
Trout's home STREAM
Two fives, for one PAIR
Unlikely prom kings NERDS
Window-glass darkener TINTER
Word on a towel HIS
Word with "Big Band" or "Christian" ERA
Word with "bump" or "ran" INTO
Write down the wrong answer, e.g ERR
___ En-lai (Chinese premier) CHOU
___ Gatos, CA LOS