New York Times - Aug 19 2012

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Clues Answers
'Am ___ only one?' ITHE
'Are you ___ out?' INOR
'Little' comics boy NEMO
'The Lord of the Rings' tree creature ENT
'Thriller' Grammy sweep? THEDAYOFTHEJACKO
1980s New York Philharmonic maestro MEHTA
43-Down follower APOSTLE
A long time AGES
Acid, e.g ETCHANT
Antelope related to the gemsbok ORYX
Appear that way SEEMTO
Appropriate DUE
Article of apparel that's not made where you might think PANAMA
Asserts something SAYSSO
Bad precept for U.S. foreign policy? AMERICANEGO
Bag handlers TOTERS
Balkan native SERB
Big gambling loss in the Biggest Little City in the World? RENOFAILURE
Big name in pasta RONZONI
Big oil exporter IRAN
Big vein LODE
Bikers' woes LEGCRAMPS
Blonde Anderson LONI
Broadway smash starting in '87 LESMIZ
Brought in REAPED
Chart holder EASEL
China's Zhou ___ ENLAI
Choice word ELSE
Clandestine group CELL
Class action grp.? PTA
Classic Jags XKES
Consort of Zeus LETO
Curses out? BLEEPS
Dame ___ Everage EDNA
Death Row Records co-founder, familiarly DRE
Do a hula, e.g GYRATE
Dump STY
Dump, say SELL
Excitement AROUSAL
Figures in TV's 'V' ALIENS
Former Treasury secretary Paul and former Yankee Paul ONEILLS
Geog. abbreviation MTN
Go by again REPASS
Goes (for) RETAILS
Gold-compound salt AURATE
Gray shades TAUPES
Half a laugh HAR
Having allegorical meanings AESOPIC
House of ___ ORANGE
It might result in a meltdown TIRADE
J'adore perfumer DIOR
J.F.K. search party? TSA
Japanese mushroom ENOKI
Jazz vocalist Shaw MARLENA
Joint concern ACHE
Kate who married a prince MIDDLETON
Keep on hand STOCK
L-P center MNO
Lays the groundwork for? SODS
Lead-in to type LINO
Like election laws, typically ARCANE
Like the Boston Tea Partiers ANTITAX
Link letters HTTP
Clues Answers
Louis Armstrong played one CORNET
Louis XIV, for one ROI
Manhattan Project physicist FERMI
Many-layered DEEP
Memo intro INRE
Mil. stat MIAS
Mini's counterpart MAXI
Miss's partner HIT
Mitt Romney and others, once CEOS
More gung-ho KEENER
More than dislike LOATHE
Musical with the song 'Seasons of Love' RENT
Nastily slander SLIME
New element in each of this puzzle's theme answers ANO
Non compos mentis ADDLED
Not a happy ending on the yellow brick road? TOTOANNIHILATION
Obsessive-compulsive soap purger? RINSEPSYCHO
One-two wager EXACTA
Opposite of dethrone ENSEAT
Opposite of flat CHESTY
Part of a bray HAW
Part of some E-mail addresses AOL
Perennial succulent ALOE
Peter of 'The Last Emperor' OTOOLE
Pizzeria need OVEN
Pizzeria order PIE
Plaster support LATH
Polo need MALLET
Radar anomaly UFO
Really bright NEON
Rear END
Record problem SKIP
Red-letter word EXIT
Reforms? MUTATES
Religious figure JESUS
Sandbox frequenters TOTS
Santa ___ ANA
Scream, so to speak RIOT
Settled down ALIT
Solemn pieces DIRGES
Solution reaction AHA
Some ballroom dances CHACHAS
Some Blu-ray players SONYS
Some mil. brass MAJS
Source of indigo ANIL
Spa item LOOFAH
Spanish 101 word ESTA
Spark, so to speak IDEA
Speed at which the apocalypse is coming? TEMPOOFDOOM
Summer cooler ICEE
Sunday best FINERY
Swerve VEER
Tchaikovsky's 'Eugene ___' ONEGIN
Tiny application DAB
TV detective with his unbalanced suspect? HAMMERANDSICKO
U.K. mil. decorations DSOS
Ugly one TOAD
Ultranationalism? JINGOALLTHEWAY
Venetian strip SLAT
View from une chalet, maybe ALPES
Watson of the Harry Potter films EMMA
What a chair may hold AGENDA
Whence the phrase 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts' AENEID
With the bow, in music ARCO
Wreath source FIR
Zero NIL