Jonesin Crosswords - Aug 14 2012

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Clues Answers
"Please, ___ of you..." IBEG
"Seriously?!?" OHCOMEON
"To hear," to Hernando OIR
"Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" network NPR
"___ homo" ("Behold the man," in Latin) ECCE
"___ NBC" (1990s show with a theme by John Tesh) NBAON
Actress Beckinsale KATE
Article written by Voltaire UNE
Attacked in droves MOBBED
Austere BLEAK
Author Turow SCOTT
Big Chevys TAHOES
Birdbrained, as it were GOOSEY
Bruce Wayne's status during speed dating sessions? BATSINGLE
Cause of some weather conditions ELNINO
Clip for men TIEPIN
Complain about the littlest things WHINE
Cowboy philosophers? RECKONGUYS
Drive the getaway car, say ABET
Drop ___ on (shock) ABOMB
First movie to feature Silent Bob CLERKS
Food brand with a pawprint logo IAMS
Furthest down, priority-wise LEAST
Gesture that goes with "meh" SHRUG
Growth on a rock MOSS
Have power over OWN
House Majority Leader, 1995-2003 ARMEY
House who won Cycle 2 of "America's Next Top Model" YOANNA
It ends when you "fall back": abbr DST
It may be formal ATTIRE
It's shared between "mi" and "su" CASA
Its second letter stands for "coast" ACC
Jason of "The Muppets" SEGEL
John who's big on farms DEERE
Jr.'s junior III
Kilmer of "The Saint" VAL
Leaning typeface: abbr ITAL
Like some candles or nozzles NONDRIP
Clues Answers
Malady brought on by incorrectly plugging in appliances? PRONGOSIS
Malt liquor size FORTY
Marinade alternative DRYRUB
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano) KEA
Native Nebraskan OTOE
Neither here ___ there NOR
Network that tried a "Charlie's Angels" reboot ABC
NYC neighborhood one letter off from another NYC neighborhood NOHO
One of Natalie's "Black Swan" co-stars WINONA
Org. headed by Benjamin Jealous NAACP
Part of a Mr. Clean costume BALDCAP
Point out danger WARN
Pop in rock IGGY
Prefix for tourism ECO
Real Madrid shout OLE
Richard of 1990s talk shows BEY
San Luis ___ OBISPO
Sanford of "The Jeffersons" ISABEL
Scoop holder CONE
Scrub down a Beatle? LOOFARINGO
Sea, to Debussy MER
Second-largest island in the Med SARD
See 36-Across INGOURD
Site of an 1814 treaty GHENT
Skate mogul Hawk TONY
Sound at the barbershop SNIP
Texas city on the Brazos WACO
The A of A.D ANNO
The A of BA AVG
The drink of the gods NECTAR
The last palindromic one was 2002 YEAR
Ticket leftover STUB
Toy manufactured by Duncan YOYO
Traits for blowhards EGOS
Wherever, colloquially TIMBUKTU
With 39-across, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife's refusal? IWONTBE
___ Martin (sports car) ASTON