L.A. Times Daily - Aug 5 2012

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Clues Answers
"A Book of Verses underneath the Bough" poet OMAR
"American Gladiators" co-host Laila ALI
"Honestly ..." TRUTHBETOLD
"I like your invention!" GOODIDEA
"I'm __ here!" OUTTA
"Juno and the Paycock" playwright OCASEY
"May It Be" singer ENYA
"Permission granted" ITSAGO
"Take a shot at it" YOUTRY
"The lady __ protest ...": "Hamlet" DOTH
"They'll Do It Every Time" cartoonist Jimmy HATLO
"WKRP" costar with Gary, Gordon, Howard et al LONI
'50s TV adventurer __ Derringer YANCY
*1978 Commodores hit TOOHOTTATROT
*Absolutely perfect HOTSYTOTSY
*Bit of campaign nastiness POTSHOT
*Get-rich-quick buy LOTTOTICKET
*Like Disneyland, vis-Г -vis theme parks PROTOTYPICAL
*Perform efficiently GOTOTOWN
*Tryst venue NOTELLMOTEL
*Writer's bottom line? FOOTNOTE
Afternoon breaks NAPS
Ahab's kingdom ISRAEL
Alpine heroine HEIDI
Amy Winehouse's reaction to rehab, in the song NONONO
Ancient public walkway STOA
Baker with the breakout album "Rapture" ANITA
Barn baby OWLET
Baseball's Slaughter ENOS
Berry touted as a superfood ACAI
Bit of 48-Across talk COO
Blowgun missile DART
British Invasion drummer STARR
British submachine gun STEN
Caterpillar rival DEERE
Central Florida city OCALA
College QB, often BMOC
Condo expense: Abbr UTIL
Confirmation, e.g RITE
Convert into an anesthetic ETHERIFY
Crochet loop PICOT
Current designation ACDC
Dancer Falana LOLA
DEA employees NARCS
Deadly snakes ASPS
Dessert cart array PIES
Dickens baddie Heep URIAH
DNA shape COIL
Drop the ball ERR
Emperor after Galba OTHO
Enjoy, with "up" EAT
Fancy-schmancy LADIDA
First-year law student ONEL
Flight safety org TSA
Forster's "__ With a View" AROOM
Four-ring-logo company AUDI
Friars Club main courses? ROASTS
Green course SALAD
Hawaiian welcome ALOHA
Hearty partner HALE
Honorary legal deg LLD
In "Wicked," say ONSTAGE
In good shape FIT
Indirect and creative, as thinking LATERAL
It's romantic to give one ROSE
Job particular SPEC
Clues Answers
Joined the Navy ENLISTED
Lake __, Blue Nile source TANA
Leaning ATILT
Lesser-of-evils situation LOSELOSE
Letters to creditors? IOUS
Light on Broadway NEON
Like some 20th-century music ATONAL
Lose control RANT
Low-budget lead-in ECONO
Luau instruments UKES
Mad as __ hen AWET
Madison Ave. figure ADREP
Memo starter INRE
Much of Egypt SAHARA
Mythical bird ROC
Nebraska's largest city OMAHA
Nog basics EGGS
Not as many FEWER
Oft-quoted Yogi BERRA
Oktoberfest purchase STEIN
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Online greeting ECARD
Oscar winner's words IMHONORED
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
P-like letters RHOS
Patio bagful CHARCOAL
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Pocket bread PITA
Presidential policy support gp NSC
Prop for Monet EASEL
Rd. atlas listings STS
Rob of "90210" ESTES
Routine ACT
Score notations RESTS
Score slow-up: Abbr RIT
SFO setting PST
Shogun stronghold EDO
Six-pack units SODACANS
Slangy turndown NAH
Some faux outerwear FURS
Speaker of Cooperstown TRIS
St. Francis's birthplace ASSISI
Stick in a scull OAR
Supreme leader? ROSS
Sylvester's "Rocky" co-star TALIA
Take-out order? DELE
The Bengals of the Big Sky Conf ISU
There are two of them in each starred ans OTS
They may be blown or cracked SAFES
They may stay till closing time SOTS
Tokyo-based electronics giant NEC
Traffic sound TOOT
Trees favored by giraffes ACACIAS
Triangular sign YIELD
Twix or Trix, e.g BRAND
Unwanted tabloid fame NOTORIETY
Vote for YEA
White House entrance PORTICO
Widow in "Peer Gynt" ASE
Wine list heading REDS
Worked (up) HET
Wreck RUIN
__ Island: NY/NJ landmark ELLIS
__ Maria: liqueur TIA
__ Wolf: Disney comics kid LIL
__TV: Court TV, since 2008 TRU